Outsourcing Pregnancy: Is surrogacy encouraging exploitation of poor women?

surrogate mothers 65
Yes # Surrogacy arrangements are in reality contracts for the purchase of a child, which are quite unacceptable.

# It’s big money to be made from desperation, whether it’s the infertile couple who wants a baby, or the surrogate mother who needs the cash.

# It seems humanity is cheapened by making a woman bound contractually to sell the ‘product’ of her pregnancy, otherwise known as a human being.

No # For the surrogate, the money they earn for the service is more than enough to transform their family’s lives.
# It is easy for people who have never experienced infertility or poverty to say this is exploitation.
# Many surrogates do it to help infertile couples and altruism is really the motivation and for poor women it’s a win- win situation.

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