Pakistan needs to stop supporting terror outfits

Canada and other countries need to form a common ground against Pakistan, as the country has become state sponsor for terrorism, says Chris Alexander who is C&I minister in Canada. Chris who was earlier ambassador in Afghanistan also said that cross border problems are supported by the government in Pakistan and fight against al-Qaeda will be difficult to end in Afghanistan due to this reason.


Covert support for terrorism

In an interview with CBC, Chris recently mentioned that world is recognizing the problem now whereas Afghanistan had warned long time ago that Pakistan was creating many of the problems the country is facing. He added that all this is done covertly and they are denying it all the time while it is occurring on a large scale.

Chris reiterated that a united front is to be created to deal with Pakistan. He added that the military takes all the decisions in that country and they have been promoting several militant groups over the years, all the countries should come together and take action against Pakistan on priority basis since all the conflicts around the world are interlinked from what is happening in Syria to problems in Iraq.


Tribal regions of Pakistan

The tribal regions of Pakistan have long been ideal hiding place for terrorists and even common people of that country are unaware how much the officials of the government are involved in it. Government in Pakistan says that they do not have any control over it since army and ISI are fully involved in it. Taliban has become such a big militant outfit such because of institutional support it received it received from Pakistani army and ISI.

David Mulroney who was one of the earlier Canadian diplomats who worked to oversee Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan said that we must have tougher stance against terrorism and especially against Pakistan if what Chris has mentioned stands to reflect government’s opinion on this situation. He also said that we could not continue to have same kind of relation with them and co-operate as we used to do earlier.

Mulroney, who is a fellow at Munk School, further added that Canada needs to discuss this issue with the US since they have taken an aggressive stance against terrorism.

Thus to conclude we can say that Pakistan has been funding and supporting terrorism for long in the Asian region as well as in other countries. The world needs to unite and take proper action against Pakistan so that such government-funded terrorism can be stopped.

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