Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Important topics that politicians should discuss before elections

Indian politics has turned into a disinterested bunch of ambitious money-haggling politicians who are aloof from what the citizens of the country really want.  Before the world’s greatest democracy is headed for one of the most covered polls, here are ten things that the politicians have failed to discuss and factors that are relevant to the Indian people:


Aspirations that are not yet realised

It has been nearly two decades since our economy got liberalised with the hope that things would get better- but little did we know that the costs would keep escalating and become out of reach one fine day.  People want affordable food and not poor in quality, they want quality education and not just any education.

A lot of our populace lives in villages with less money to spend towards education and private schooling.  The government schools are deplorable and this is sending our country backwards.


Employment vs. employability

The pressing situation in India is no longer about employment but it is about employability.  The youth who are technical graduates are not equipped with the skills to get a technical job or even a call centre job in India- and that too in a country where there is a large percentage of youth, which is nearly more than half of the population!

This is evidently leading up to a nightmarish situation!


Massive food wastage and malnourished children

The situation of the Indian cold storage centres and granaries is deplorable and despite a good harvest, there are many who die of hunger.  Large volumes of the grains are destroyed by pests and poorly stored grains, which are not allocated to the underprivileged in time and are just disposed off.

It is therefore not surprising that the country has the largest number of malnourished and underweight children in the world as the country wastes as much wheat that Australia produces in a year!


Potable Water

The Water Resources Ministry in 2012 had informed the Parliament that the groundwater is just not fit for human consumption as it has become saline and polluted- this triggers another debate in a country that is dependent on ground water for its daily water needs.

Nearly 80% of the untreated sewage flows right into potable water reserves like groundwater and rives, and are posing to be a hazard as clean water is inaccessible.



The great blackout in 2012 was a day in Indian History when nearly 600 million Indians were left in the dark, which apparently is just another day for 300 million others who suffer from power cuts going on for days on end.  In a country that has abundant coal, this energy deficit is something that surfaced the Coalgate swindle in which coal politicians allocated blocks to private companies.

There is a lot of frustration that the common person faces towards the poorest Indian political system that is corrupt, ruthless and unresponsive. This system has to be changed for the people, otherwise this nation has been put through shame over the years and will be heading nowhere in the times to come.

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