Pakistan warming up to India – Should we trust it?


The love hate relationship between India and Pakistan continues as ever. In the latest development, Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistani leader who is all set to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the third time around has expressed his desire to invite Manmohan Singh to the swearing in ceremony.

Speaking on the issue, Nawaz Sharif pointed out that all mutual fears need to be addressed between the two countries and by inviting Manmohan he hopes to make an initiation in this regard. However, Indian authorities are weighing all the options and have not reacted so far.

Nawaz Sharif is keen to improve upon his image in India that was marred by the Kargil misadventure that occurred during his tenure in 1999. However, analysts in Pakistan are skeptical on how much freedom the powerful army lobby in Pakistan will give to Nawaz Sharif. In an effort to come close to the army, Nawaz has been playing his cards with care and has been blaming former army general Parvez Musharraf for the misadventure saying that every the army was kept in dark about the real motive.


It is interesting to note here that not only is Nawaz Sharif trying to come close to India but Manmohan Singh has too shown his keenness to improve ties with the new establishment in Pakistan. Manmohan was the first world leader to congratulate Nawaz and both leaders had extended telephonic conversation on various mutual topics of interest.

Meanwhile, Nawaz has been brainstorming with his team as to how to revive the crumbling economy of the country. His keenness to improve the ties with Indian establishment can be seen in similar light. Pakistan cannot afford to spend on strengthening the terrorist network as it harms Pakistan eventually. The leaders in Pakistan have lately realized this and the shift in its policy towards India is due to this reason only.

However,   defence analysts in India are keeping their fingers crossed as Indo- Pak relations are always subject to last minute changes. It has been seen in past that our neighbouring nation has always spoken in distinct terms, when it comes to improving ties with India.

Few people in India believe that Nawaz Sharif was unaware of the real motive of the Kargil misadventure that led to loss of precious human lives. It would be a test of nerves for Manmohan Singh too as opposition parties will be building up pressure on the Congress party to act hard on Pakistan and not fall into the trap of friendship that our neighbour has be extending, time and again.

Meanwhile, Nawaz has a tough task at hand as he would have to convince the American forces to halt their drone strikes in North West Pakistan. By doing so, the leader would like to give a strong message to the international community that he cares for the common masses of his country. Nawaz is considered close to the Americans and in case he succeeds in this initiative, he can send a strong signal to the Indian establishment that his peace initiatives need to be considered in true earnest.

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