Paris Hilton v/s old lady? Old lady wins

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One would think being super-rich, Paris Hilton wouldn’t need to frequent a supermarket for supplies. Wrong! Our girl Paris is leading as normal a life as you and me.

The blonde heiress went to a Beverly Hills supermarket last night. A moment, please, to imagine Paris in her stilettos and designer duds and a shopping trolley.

Anyways, Paris got annoyed that an old woman was blocking her aisle. Paris yelled at the shopper to get out of the way. The old lady didn’t hear Paris’ kittenish voice.

So, Paris did what any spoiled rich daddy’s girl would do – She rammed her trolley into the other person’s. The old lady was startled.
Paris remarked:

That’s what you get for being rude and blocking the aisle!

But the old lady did not bow down to the irate cokefiend.
She retorted:

You’re the one who’s rude, slamming me with the cart.

The store manager, hearing raised voices, came to see what the ruckus was all about. The old lady Paris rammed her cart into was a regular shopper at the supermarket. So the store manager sided with the old lady, telling Hilton to shop elsewhere if she didn’t know how to comport herself in a civilized manner.

Humiliated by ordinary folks, Paris left her cart where it stood, and exited the store in a huff.

Paris…my question is why do you need to go to a supermarket? When you run out of supplies, they make people for that; they’re called servants.

Source: Crabbies Hollywood

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