Penelope Cruz lands up in Psychiatric Hospital after meeting Suri

Actress Penelope Cruz issued a comment lately in which she claimed that she has met Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri. However, the star couple said that they haven’t seen Penelope from months. No, she didn’t lie to get publicity, the stunning lady is having poor mental health these days.

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Penelope was admitted to Ronald Reagan Memorial Psychiatric Hospital in Monrovia, California, yesterday. Her friends sent a doctor to meet Penelope after she claimed seeing people who were not there. The doctor spoke to her for a few minutes and realized that she was suffering hallucinations. Three men were required to take distressed actress inside the hospital van. All the time she kept on repeating that she has met Suri Cruise.

Her friends told press that the actress is under stress from quite a long time because of her not so great personal and professional life. A close pal tells that Penelope was saying such stuff from long but she crossed limits by telling everybody that she has met Suri. She is being treated by Dr. Calvin Monroe. When asked about the period she will be kept in the hospital he said that it may take long. As her imagination about the baby is so strong, she keeps on telling him that Suri is the most beautiful baby she has ever seen.

Her friends are happy that she is getting the help she needs. James Van Der Beek and Cameron Diaz sent her flowers and cards. TomKat’s representative showed sympathy for Penelope and wished her luck.

Iam really feeling bad for Penelope, I hope she gets well soon.


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