Permanent Solution to Water Scarcity

Every individual needs water and can solve his problem individually by saving Evaporation loss and Run off loss of rainwater.
Whether it is No rain, Low rain or Heavy rain…
Most of India can solve water crisis at less than 0.1% cost of
River Linking Plan within 2 to 3 years.

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A low cost simple technique of rain water harvesting for underground percolation of water.Now wells in his farm are full of water even in June, although the reservoirs become empty in December only.This method of preserving & harvesting Rainwater is recognised as “Kedia Farm Pattern” bandhara by Govt. of Maharashtra. This method can harvest more than 80% Rainwater.Now in 4 monsoons only, water table in the farm has increased by 18ft. and no rainwater is flowing out of the farm, above ground from 42 Hectare rain catchment area since year 2003. For more info visit

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