What phones are your favorite celebs using: 10 Best

We are simply bewildered whether celebrities are techno geeks as well. But what we think on the contrary is that these tinsel town moguls find cell phone beat one of the most popular sectors where they compete with each other for showing off their riches. Cell phones are one of their powerful engines to remain up to dated as well. So, do not be startled if a celebrity claiming brand loyalty for a particular cell phone brand is suddenly discovered flaunting off one from a different brand. They are just keeping pace with the world that way! We bring here a few celebrities and their cell phones for you. Check them out!

celebs with phones

1. Britney Spears


The pop diva is again here to make news! And this time it is her favorite cell phone, which is enjoying the company of the hottie. We knew that this lady was much in love with her Samsung U740 till lately. So, we were hoping to see the same held inside her clutches as she was getting out of her pricey and pretty car this morning. But gosh! We were taken aback when we discovered that the Samsung phone was missing! This time a BlackBerry Curvy was her companion. We could have understood how we can expect commitment from Britney!

2. Reene Witherspoon


This pretty faced Hollywood belle comes second on our list. Talking about her favorite cell phone what we can assume is that it is not brand loyalty that makes her continue using a cell phone for long, but she prioritizes on the luxury of her cells and remains loyal to that. Hence, in the Penelope Premiere last year we got flowed on her dear and pretty cell phone, Dolce and Gabbana Motorola RAZR V3i. So, we were not shocked to see a rocking BlackBerry Curvy in her hand when we caught sight her lately.

3. Audrina Patridge


We are at peace in declaring that Audrina Patridge is the only Hollywood celebrity, who is loyal to the cell phone brand she uses. She has never overruled this commitment ever. But, she definitely experiments with the newer models of BlackBerry. Thus, till late 2007, her sole love was for the white BlackBerry Pearl. But very recently we found her both with a BlackBerry Curve and a BlackBerry Bold. We cannot take this as a shocking surprise at all as she needs to remain updated in fashion as well!

4. Eva Longoria


Whatever may be the ups and downs in her personal life and career graph, but Eva Longoria is an eternal fan of BlackBerry. So, we have no hunch in declaring it as her favorite brand too. Rather, she will give you the first hand information of the latest BlackBerry models launched in the consumer market. Now that is called fan following and the mobile company must be more than happy to hear this! In case you are dazed, let us tell you, she is always found with a new BlackBerry model whenever she attends any function. Well, she remains updated in fashion for sure. But let???s not debate whether she is keen on technological up gradation in the process.

5. Jennifer Garner


It seems that Jennifer Garner is as concerned about her naturally healthy skin and lustrous mane as her cell phone. But don???t think that we are talking about her affection towards a particular brand or handset. Our hint is that she keeps on changing her handsets quite often to reveal her techno savvy side! So, you will get a chance to see a plethora of brands in the hands of Jane, right from flip phone with clamshell detailing to smart phone range from BlackBerry.

6. Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson???s favorite fashion accessories are her range of designer handbags and her cell phones. Thus, she keeps on changing her handsets and cell phones like the ever changing weather in order to stay updated with her style statement. Hence, we will be dumb folded if you ask us to point out her favorite cell phone brand. What we can only say is that, till 2007, she used to feel happy with her BlackBerry 8700. But lately, she has joined the bandwagon of celebs in love with BlackBerry Curve.

7. Kim Kardashian


When you talk about Kim Kardashian, you can always expect an up to date celeb diva. So, it is needless to say that she cannot have a favorite cell phone as that will clash with her concept of remaining updated. Thus, while last year we caught her glimpses with the then favorite of the celeb, Sidekick LX, this year she has been proudly announcing her love for BlackBerry Onyx. But BlackBerry, please don???t live on what she says as whenever a new brand with hi profile model gets launched in the market she will change her ???lover??? immediately!

8. Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton???s commitment towards her cell phone follows the graph of her personal life. We hope you have already read in between the lines and got what we mean to say. Yes, you will get to see a new phone in Paris???s hand every now and then. So, we are sure your will drool your eyes in keeping pace with her range of cell phones. For her, unlike many other Hollywood celebrities, BlackBerry Curvy is out and BlackBerry Bold is in. But we cannot help admitting that her pink bedazzled BlackBerry Curve was a treat for our eyes!

9. Jessica Alba


We are simply surprised to see how her cell phone has got transformed to oxygen for Jessica Alba. Everywhere she goes, she never forgets to get her favorite iPhone 4S along with her. Last time we spotted her at a salon, busier with her iPhone than with the nail grooming session. 4S has changed you completely Jess!

10. Kim Lee

Kim Lee

The ravishing model is one of the proclaimed BlackBerry hottie celebrities. We must admit in this context that she has never ceased to be less committed towards the brand. Therefore, you will always find her happy with her BlackBerry species. What???s more, her take on this is that she loves to play around with her cell phone and find it a great fun to take snaps of her own curvy silhouette!

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