Pointers to help you differentiate between an orangery and conservatory

One of the most common confusions many people have is the difference between the orangery and conservation window extension. For those who are well versed with these terms, it will be very easy to decide what kind of extension to choose for the windows; however, if you are not sure of the difference between the two, then this blog will help you out.

A brief history of why these two extensions were used

Orangery design

The orangery window extension goes back to the 15th and 16th century. It is termed as a classic style and got its name from people who grew citrus tree. The architectural influence of the orangery extension reflects a Roman touch. This kind of extension was ideal for hardier plants and large walls and helped in protecting the trees. If you want to get a large window done up for your house, then you can consider using the orangery window extension for your house.

On the other hand, the conservatory window extension is a little different from the orangery one. This was seen very prominently in Northern European countries during the 17th century. People used this kind of glass architecture if they were into the cultivation of tropical and exotic vegetations like ornate plants and pineapples. Today, you will find this kind of windows mostly in greenhouses and enclosed nurseries.

Understanding the construction difference between the two


When you look at the difference between the two in terms of the construction factor, there are three main components that are combined together which determine what kind of extension would be suitable. In order to decide if you want to go with the conservatory or orangery window extension, you need to keep in mind the roof, the glass quality, and the foundation or base work.

Given the fact that the structures are versatile, you have to keep in mind the whole picture of the window while deciding the type of extension you want to go with. For the foundation or base work, a floor plan is used as a standard practice. While designing this floor plan, factors such as the ground angle and soil type are also considered to determine what kind of extension is suitable for the area in question.

In terms of the framework, in comparison to the orangery, there are more glasses used to install the conservatory window extension. In the case of a conservatory, it is not necessary that you should have only glass walls. Instead, you do have an alternate solution of going with a brick wall to provide a better and stronger support.  For those who want to go with the orangery window extension, keep in mind the fact that you should opt for a solid and sturdy base so that the roof gets a better support.

A final note

If you are wondering what kind of extension would be ideal, the choice is very simple. The orangery wall extension is all about long windows that give you a complete view of your surroundings. On the other hand, the conservatory window extension has a blend of a brick wall with 3/4th or ½ sized windows.

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