Politicians need to get online on social media

Social media as we all know has become an important way of staying in touch with each other and sharing information. Most people use social networking sites to exchange views about any topic and to share their thoughts. Social media can be a useful medium for our political parties to reach common people, so they could talk to them and know about the problems they face. However, it is pity that most politicians do not have any online presence.


Better way of interacting with electorate

Social networking and social media can easily become the most powerful tools for politicians to interact with people and reply to their queries. In many of the traditional methods, people only hear about politicians from digital or print media but in case of social media, you can directly know the views of the politicians themselves.

People can get the feeling that the politician is one of them and better relate with that person’s viewpoints but strangely enough, politicians are not using this medium to their benefit.


How political parties can use social media

Politicians can use social media in many different ways for positive interaction with people, some of these would include:

  • Use social sites to publish information about their policies on topics, which are of critical importance.
  • Get useful feedback about various policies that the party wants to implement.
  • Take feedback about party candidates going to fight the polls.
  • Create awareness among common people and tell them how their votes can change the future of the country.
  • Get suggestions from people about creating their manifesto for the election.
  • Figure out probable leaders for the party from users of social networking sites. 

It is time that political parties start putting more attention to social networking as part of their overall election strategy since more than 50% of Indian population is under the age of 25 years and almost all of them are active on social sites. If parties have to reach them, the best way is to get into social networking sites themselves and interact with them.

To conclude we will say that it is strange that political parties are simply overlooking social media as potential medium to advertise their viewpoints. Most of the politicians are not online and do not interact with people, but they will have to change now if they want to lure young voters.

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