Pop Art Fashion–Will We Shun It Or Adapt It?

Pop art had first emerged somewhere in the 1950’s and was initially a representation of modern influences and pop culture that was prevalent in that era. Today the images of iconic figures, pin up girls and starlets merged withgraphic shapes and bold colors had turned these pieces into pop art pieces that are very popular with main stream audiences.

Today pop art has been inspiring many art looks that show case icons, celebrities and different objects in an array of fluorescent and bold colors that seem to still have an influence on many of the trends that are followed by a youthful and more modern crowd. These include candy colored Harajuku spreads to the pop art portraits that are very playful, pop art fashion is one thing that has become very popular the styles that many designers create show case tributes to the relevant and modern aspects in our culture that seem to be timeless.

Pop art does influence fashion in many ways-by providing it with stunning colors or geometric patterns which are normally printed on the fabric that is then used to create a garment that has modern aspects to it. This influence can also be seen in the textures and the shapes of the clothing. This influence was at it highest during the 1960’s when psychedelic art movements and fashion was all the rage and had even created famous artists like Andy Warhol.

The most common fashion items included platform shoes and wide rimmed sunglasses- these are certain pop art fashion aspects that are still present in modern fashion.

Pop art was given a whole new meaning with the emergence and influence of street art. This is the current trend that can be seen in the runway collections of international fashion houses like Chanel, Celine and Prada.

They have collaborated with graffiti artists such as Dan Witz, Banksy, C215, David Choe and Judith Supine, who have developed global reputations for the spectacular designs that they create.

Top Irish urban artist, Maser, has created some colorful canvases and other innovative pieces have been spotted in high streets. Maserr and teamed up with designer Shelley Corkey to create pieces that would be a collaboration or a synergy of street art and fashion. Pop art influences designers in many ways and even inspires new looks.


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