Outstanding goof ups during election campaigns that bugged us

The latest goof up by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was when he was addressing a inauguration event at Kheda, Gujarat. He had referred to fighter Shyamaji Krishna Varma as Shyama Prasad Mookherjee, the latter being a core founder of the BJP. He later apologized for the blunder=, but not before making it clear that he did not know who he was talking about.

Goof ups are not rare in politics, where candidates have to pick at their opponents so that they fall back in the electoral race. Quite often, politicians have to be at various events and they make errors on small things like their opponents full name, or educational background etc. here are some of the goof ups made by famous politicians:

Kennedy vs. Nixon:

There are many reason that made the presidential campaign for Kennedy a success, he had a better running mate, more adept at using television, he had cheated with Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe. Nixon on the other hand was as seen by many as having a dodgy personality. Another reason for Nixon’ s failure is that he promised to campaign in all fifty states, which at the time seemed impossible as air travel was expensive. The nature of the American electoral voting system, in the 60’ it made more sense to campaign ion states that had higher populations as it would bring on more votes. So Nixon’s promise seemed a little silly to people.

Mc Cain goof ups:

CBS News had done some investigation though which they had discovered that a McCain campaign volunteer lied about a robbery in her house and that she was physically assaulted as well. This story was used by McCain to garner the support of voters. Another goof up was that the McCain campaign had bought over $150,000 worth of clothing for Sarah Palin and her family as well, this was clear violation of the 2002 McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act.  To make matter worse, McCain was being supported by an al-Qaida sympathizer website, McCain had also reportedly used the ‘N’ word to refer to a group of Nigerians who had captured him, this was another goof up as using the word meant that he offended each African American person in the US. McCain supporters had also used the race factor to target Obama by calling him ‘un- American’, while Palin accused him of ‘“palling around with terrorists.”

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