The funniest election campaigns we saw this year

Elections campaigns are what make the career of politician-so campaigns are meticulously planned so that nothing goes wrong. There are times when campaigns turn out to be a complete disaster even if the planning is done well, yet there are times when blunders work out for the best.

Take for example, politician Tony Abbot whose campaign for the federal elections has not disappointed-Abbot who looks like he is set to become the next prime minister of Australia has been in the head lines for all the wrong reasons. His many comments have tested the funny bones of many Australian voters, he had appeared on the Big Boss reality TV show to address the public on issues related to gay marriages and had commented that he deserved votes as he was the one with the daughters who were not bad looking.

Another political blooper can be accredited to politician, Bill de Blasio. Blasio was campaigning for the post of Mayor of New York; normally American politicians address the general public using televised commercials that briefly describe what the candidate stands for. Blasio too had done the same in which an African-American teenager explaining why he would choose Blasio. All went well till the viewers had learnt that this young man that was featured was actually Blasio’s son.


Another incident that was both funny and weird at the same time was Gabriel Gomez’s reverse attack to opponent Ed Markey. Ed Markey had attacked Gomez using a picture of a toilet with the seat up and an arrow to indicate that the seat was up.

Politicians also use celebrities for promotional purposes. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had used Shaquille O’Neal for in a camping advertisement, the basketball legend had also endorsed products like Icy Hot and Gold Bond.  The funny part of the advertisement is that a basketball goal was placed behind Shaquille O’Neal, in the event that people would not recognize him and the set where the advertisement was filmed was the same one where he had shot the commercials for Icy Hot and Gold Bond and Radio Shack. None the less, this worked out forChris Christie as he had sailed to victory against opponent Barbara Buono.

A similar move was done by Republican businessman Vance McAllister who was campaigning for the Louisiana’s 5th District congressional seat. His camping was boosted by celebrities who just happened to live in the same neighborhood- the stars from TV show “Duck Dynasty”.

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