Popular scientific theories that caused huge debates

Where there is science there are discoveries and there isa difference of opinion on various theories. Some of the differences are so vast that they actually lead to posing a big question mark on the entire discovery or hypothesis.

  1. Doubts raised on the Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory

According to the Big Bang Theory, the Universe is constantly expanding and the objects appear bigger but fainter as the surface distance increases. In a universe that is expanding the distant galaxies will appear dimmer and may not be detected by the modern telescope. But according to a team of astrophysicists lead by Eric Lerner as objects move far away they appear smaller and their surface brightness remains constant.

  1. Does exercise hormone exist

Some studies state that the hormone irisin is an exercise hormone. It is said to be very good for healthy metabolism and helps in energy outflow after exercise. However, some researchers are of the opinion that there is no such hormone released by the human body which has resulted in a bitter controversy.According to some critics, the body produces very little or absolutely no irisin and that there is no question of the hormone being sensitive to exercise.

  1. Is there a right way to measure quantum mechanics

quantum mechanics

Image Source : SciTechDaily.Com

Measurement and quantum mechanics go hand in hand. Neil Bohr way back in the 1920’s had given the Copenhagen theory of quantum mechanics which states that all atomic particles exist in all states until they are measured in all positions.Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödingerin the year 1935 brought to light the fact that this theory could not be applied to all actual life situations. Scientists have always been in disagreement about the correct way to measure quantum mechanics particles.

  1. Controversial global warming

Global warming is the hottest topic in today’s world as it is said to be deteriorating the earth’s climate. It is believed that it is mainly due to the greenhouse gases for which human beings are responsible. But there is one group of scientist who feels that there is no such thing called global warming. Although, the second group is an ever-increasing minority, it does seem to be quite loud.

The universe is filled with mysteries and in the attempt to fathom this intriguing space there are going to be theories and difference of opinions which will result in controversies. These controversies will leave human beings even more baffled and more confused.

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