You probably never heard these facts about champagne

You might have savored champagne on several occasions without knowing certain facts about it. It is not the case as if you will not enjoy the golden wine without knowing these facts. You could be the center of attraction elaborating these facts in a party.

Why is the champagne bottle so thick?

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Never came across your mind? The bottle is thick because there is a lot of pressure inside it. With 90 pounds of pressure per square inch, the pressure is three times the air pressure inside your car tire. If they try to contain the golden fluid inside a thin bottle, it would burst.

The name champagne

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Champagne is the name of the place where it comes from.The specific climatic conditions in the area favor the production of this sparkling wine. Champagne is located northeast of Paris about 90 miles off the capital city of France.Even if you are able to produce a similar wine anywhere else, it cannot be called champagne. It’s got to be from Champagne to be called champagne.

Opening the cork

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Opening the cork of a champagne bottle could be tricky. It has the potential to leave you or a buddy standing nearby cockeyed. The cork needs to be opened carefully by twisting the cork slowly. Placing a towel on the cork will ensure that the drink does not leap out of the bottle and the cork doesn’t fly off to hurt someone.Else, the cork can fly off with a velocity of 40 mph, that is potent enough to injure someone.

Association with celebrities

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We all know how champagne has become a part of celebrations. Some celebs have done unusual things with it, like Marilyn Monroe took a dip in 350 bottles of champagne. We do see champagne flowing out of the bottle every time on the Formula one podium. Likewise, many success parties witness the champagne pop out of the bottle.

Treating champagne with elegance

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If you aren’t on the Formula one podium, there is no point spilling it. Open it like the way we mentioned above and serve it in a flute. Why flute? These glasses are narrow and do not let the champagne bubbles escape quickly, which gives it the great taste. Albeit a champagne bottle has millions of bubbles inside, you would want it to taste the best.

We have no doubts that you will enjoy champagne more knowing these facts.

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