Promise of a new advertising platform brings some fortune for Facebook

Facebook emerges as a viable advertising platform

Facebook started as a communication channel for friends and family but has lately turned into an advertising platform too, that has brought fortunes to the advertiser and facebook too. This has become more evident with the recent disclosure made by Coke and Ford in a Wall Street Journal article that highlights about the business that facebook ads have generated, thus bringing fortunes for everyone associated.

So how exactly, do advertisement owners and facebook benefit from this new innovation. Read on and you will know.

Innovative Advertisements

One of the best ways to promote business on facebook is to make the advertisement innovative. Business owners have realized this and seem to work on the weakness of the customer. Innovative advertisements catch the attention of youth who are inclined to shop for the product instead. This brings increased business for the advertiser and a greater return on investment for facebook too, which allocates valuable space for the advertisement.

Call for action video

Another way in which both advertisers and facebook earn is through call for action videos,that can be embedded in form of a small video within the advertisement. Young people are tempted in case the advertisement has been designed keeping in mind the aspirations of youngsters.

Facebook page

An exclusive facebook page is the new trend that is catching up with advertisers fast. Innovative concept and clarity of vision is the only pre requisite for an effective customer base generation on facebook. Advertisers are able to generate valuable business through this innovative measure and facebook generates revenue in terms of increased hits as people connect with the page of a particular advertiser.

Social media has indeed brought a change in the way advertising has been perceived. With increasing number of advertisers opting for facebook, things are getting brighter for advertisers and facebook alike. Connect with Facebook and feel the change!

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