Reasons why Leonardo DiCaprio is the perfect modern day role model

Any celebrity we come across today has at least a few notorious scandals or controversies to his/her name. There is hardly any celebrity out there who is known to do good things beyond filmdom and the camera. Not Leonardo DiCaprio though! This is one celebrity who has managed to win the hearts of countless individuals around the world with this real life good boy image. Here are some reasons for that.

He is known for his environmental and humanitarian efforts

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He won the Oscar award after 22 years in the industry. Yet he used his three minute acceptance speech to talk about environmental issues like global warming and humanitarian issues like improving the lives of millions of indigenous people around the world.

Far from speeches though, DiCaprio has been involved in several environmental awareness campaigns as well as research programs on climate change from 1998. He also runs the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation whose mission statement reads ‘The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is dedicated to the long-term health and well-being of all Earth’s inhabitants.’ The foundation recently organized a massive fund raising campaign for environmental awareness, raking in over $45 million for the same purpose.

He is known to keep his personal and professional lives separate

Far from many other celebrities who like to flaunt their latest arm candies to the tabloids and the public, Leonardo DiCaprio has been a very private person. During his entire Hollywood career, he has been known to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. Save for the occasional change in girlfriends, there is hardly anything people know about his private life that may spell trouble for the actor.

Tabloids which usually have a field day with other celebrities hardly have a controversy or scandal to publish about him. Gossip mongers on their part hardly find anything bad to say about him, thus making him one of the most noted gentlemen in Hollywood today.

He is known for his perseverance

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In the day and age when celebrities openly bad mouth or criticize event organizers for not inviting or awarding them, Leonardo DiCaprio has been shown to have a perseverance that equals the size of an ocean. He has been in the industry for 22 years and has waited patiently till now to get his Oscar award.

One of the most underrated actors of his time, DiCaprio has proved his versatility as an actor in movies like ‘Blood Diamond’, ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘The Revenant’ etc., earning many Oscar nominations in the process as well. However, it was only for ‘The Revenant’ that he was finally awarded the Oscar. And being the gentleman that he is, DiCaprio accepted the award with grace, not even bad mouthing the Academy once for ignoring him for so long.

He is known to put his money where his mouth is

Many individuals and even celebrities tend to think of Leonardo DiCaprio’s humanitarian and environmental efforts as mere excuses to throw his money around at problems while enjoying a luxurious, materialistic life instead. However, DiCaprio is one celebrity who puts his money where his mouth is, and actually practices what he preaches.

The actor has time and again, strived to live his life according to the principles he set. An example of this is his commitment to divest his finances from the oil industry and invest the same in more sustainable alternatives. He is also the proud owner of a Tesla electric car in addition to previously owning a Prius and a Fisker hybrid car. He also bought an island near Belize in 2015, and has been working to create an eco-friendly tourist resort, via several sustainable initiatives.


There are not many celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio who choose to shine beyond the camera too. The 37 year old actor has been working nonstop for 18 years to save our planet and still continues to do so to this date. This makes him the ultimate modern day role model for many individuals around the world for sure.

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