Exciting Theories and Predictions for Game of Thrones Season 7 that may come true

The sixth season of Game of Thrones ended with several answers being given to the questions that were asked so far. Similarly, it also gave rise to new questions and doubts which will only be answered in the coming episode. With that in mind, here are some predictions and theories that have been proposed by fans for the 7th season of Game of Thrones.

Expect winter to be more gruesome

Season six ended with Sansa telling Jon about the Winds of the winter. This can only mean one thing; a more vicious winter lies ahead for the warring clans which will be grimmer and greyer than ever before. Shooting for the seventh episode started later in the year as well in order to capture the true essence of winter, with many predicting that any sunny respite in the form of exotic locations will also be cut down.

Expect Cersei to be worse than ever before

Having taken over the Iron Throne, Cersei is right on the path of a major confrontation with Dany. And fans predict that any humanity left in her soul via her father, kids, and Tyrion will be extinguished to make way for a ruler, who simply does what she wants to without worrying about the consequences.

Expect the biggest battle yet

Rumors are afloat that season seven will feature one of the biggest battles the series has seen so far. This so called battle is said to be so big, that it will make the Battle of the Bastards meek in comparison. Reports suggest that it will include names like Euron Greyjoy, Theon and Yara, and will have plenty of blood spilled in the process.

Expect Cersei to be killed by Jamie

Maggy the Frog predicted that Cersei will be left with no children. And that is exactly what has happened now. With this in mind, we take a look back at another part of the prophecy which said Cersei will be killed by little brother aka the Valonqar. While many consider this Valonqar to be Cersei’s little brother, there is another twin brother they seem to have forgotten; Jamie aka the Kingslayer who will probably be the one to do the deed.

Expect Jon Snow to become AzorAhai or the Warrior of Light

What Jon Snow is something that has been debated for many seasons of the show. Season 7 may finally bring to light the Snow’s background; i.e. he may be revealed as AzorAhai or the Warrior of Light. The signs and indications in previous episodes point to the same as well.

Expect Bran to be Bran the Builder

Considering the fact that Bran from the present and Bran from the past are same owing to his ability to influence the past, there is a strong chance for Bran to be Bran the Builder who raised the wall as well as created Winterfell over 8000 years ago. Even with his character and actions stating otherwise, Bran can quite likely become the Builder who is responsible for keeping the White Walkers away from Winterfell.

Expect Greyscale to become a biological weapon

In the show, greyscale is shown to be a very dangerous disease that can turn individuals into Stone Men devoid of any emotions or thoughts. If Jonah were to find a cure for it, then greyscale can probably be used as a biological weapon by Daenerys to win Westeros without spilling blood. Possibilities are also rife for the creation of a zombie army who could go out of control, side with the White Walkers and destroy all Seven Kingdoms.


Season 7 of Game of Thrones will probably take some time to air on television. As the time increases, so do the number of rumors and predictions about the season which will probably have a great number of twists and turns to keep viewers hooked till the end.

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