Reel hero, real life drama – Sanjay Dutt


As Sanjay Dutt surrendered before the TADA court, it was as if history was repeating itself. Sanjay Dutt has been at the loggerhead with the judicial system and had to surrender at the court to complete his remaining 3.5 years of jail term that he had been awarded owing to his role in the infamous 1993 bombings in Mumbai.

The day began on an emotional note for the Bollywood star this time too and he was accompanied to the TADA court by his sister, wife and director Mahesh Bhatt and Sanjay Dutt had to go through the ordeal, much like the last time around.

The Bollywood star was clad in a white kurta and blue jeans and appeared calmer than his last sojourn with the judiciary. Perhaps, time and experience has taught Sanjay Dutt much and he seemed to be prepared better to deal with any eventuality.


As soon as the vehicle of Sanjay Dutt neared the narrow lanes of session court in South Mumbai his supporters and media person surrounded the vehicle. The commotion was so intense that Sanjay Dutt had to return back to the vehicle five times around and could come out of the vehicle only when he folded his hands and urged the media person to let him enter the court could he move around.

Speculations are also ripe on the security concerns that Sanjay Dutt faces in the prison. Only yesterday have the jail authorities in Pune received a letter that cites danger to Sanjay’s life in the four walls of the high security prison complex in Pune.

However, despite all the complications involved, the star will be in all likelihood moved to the prison cell in Pune and will have to spend the next 3.5 years behind bars. Sanjay’s life has always been a rollercoaster and the Bollywood star has always been embroiled in controversies.

The early years of Sanjay’s life were spend recovering in a drug rehabilitation centre and in his later years he had to face problems in his married life with Richa Dutt. Sadly, the problems ended with demise of Richa and the star has a daughter from his first wife who lives in New York.

The infamous Mumbai blasts added another painful chapter to Sanjay Dutt’s life and he has been in problem, ever since arms were recovered from his home.  Sanjay had to undergo a prison term of 1.5 years prior to him being granted conditional bail. The star was however hoping for a reprisal from the court and was quite hopeful that his remaining prison term would be commuted.

However, an imminent strength of Indian judiciary is that everyone irrespective of their stature are equal in the eyes of law and  the same has been followed in case of the Bollywood star who has millions of admirers and followers across the globe.

The next 3.5 years will be spent in waiting and all including his fans will be hoping that the star is able to cope up with the rigorous schedule that is awaiting him in the prison.

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