Review: Internxt Drive a privacy and security focused cloud storage

Internxt Drive a privacy and security focused cloud storage

Have you ever paused for a second before clicking on the ‘Accept’ button when you download an online service such as cloud storage or games or even just to read online? The pause is probably because the provider asks you to grant permission to access your files and photos. As you need the service, you generally grant access, but not without thinking twice. Now, you have a choice to store your files, photos and more in the cloud, with Internxt, without having to reveal any information or sharing files.

What is Internxt?

Internxt is alternative to google photos

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Internxt is a cloud storage provider valuing humanity’s right to privacy. This is why they have come out with Internxt Drive, a zero-knowledge, security focused cloud drive. Internxt Drive is the first of many offerings from the company that will have user’s privacy rights as the central focus.

Attention and respect for users’ privacy

As we mentioned earlier, you may have noticed that whenever you want to download some service such as cloud storage, or any service, you have to give permission or grant access to the service provider to access your photos and files, or else you can’t download.

What happens after you give access? Well, some cloud drive providers share your data with third parties for a price, and then you see targeted ads which are monetized, and third parties can access and share your data. Some providers give the access to their employees, to check whether the information is in compliance with their norms.

The collection of data for commercial or organizational compliance reasons is not necessary, and companies can do without it, as it is now with Internxt, which is why they have zero-knowledge.

What is zero-knowledge encryption?

Internxt Drive

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There are different methods of encrypting files – encryption at rest, encryption in transit, End-to-End encryption and Zero-knowledge encryption. End-to-End encryption is used by businesses such as banks, and is considered to be secure as data is decrypted only on the devices of the sender and receiver. But if the server has the keys, then a  centralized hacking attack can steal your files, which has happened in the past.

Zero-knowledge from Internxt is an option wherein you do not have to provide any kind of password to Internxt to access your files, only you have the decryption code. Besides, Internxt stores your data in fragmented shards in various servers all over the world. Your files are never stored as a whole in one single server. So, there is little chance that a hacker can ever access your files. Only you can access the files as a whole on your device/s.

The zero-knowledge feature sounds good, especially if you do not like the idea of sharing your personal photos and files with unknown third parties or even the service provider. Businesses which need their work/research and sensitive data to be hack-proof will find this zero-knowledge feature from Internxt to be useful.

Multi Device storage

Internxt family of apps can be downloaded on any device. All your videos, photos and files can be uploaded to Internxt Drive from Android, iOS and other smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops (Windows and MAC).

Data is synced automatically across devices, so that you can access the updated file from any device of choice.

Offline connectivity

Internxt cloud storage provider with zero-knowledge feature

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Another feature which is attractive about Internxt is that you don’t have to have internet connectivity to access your files, photos and videos. If you are at a remote place where there is limited or no internet, you can still access your data and work on them.The desperate hunting for a connection is removed when you store files on Internxt cloud storage.


You can start with the free version and upgrade to any paid plan later. For the free version you get 2GB data. The paid plans for individuals start at  20 GB for $1.13/month or 0.95 Euros, 200GB for $4.75/month or 3.99 Euros, 2TB plan for $11.29/month or 9.49 Euros, and for $10.61 or 8.99 Euros, you will get 2TB cloud storage.

Teams and businesses can choose from 200GB plan for $5.94/month/per user or 4.99 Euros, 2 TB plan for $11.89/month/per user or 9.99 Euros, and 20TB plan for $113 or 95 Euros/month/per user.

There is an Enterprise plan for unlimited team members, the price of which is calculated after you specify your needs to the support team.

All the plans offer Internxt Drive, Internxt Send and Internxt Photos, and starting from the 20GB plan, a 30 day money back guarantee is also offered.


There is 24×7 support in three languages – English, Russian and Spanish.

On the whole, Internxt is for those who value privacy of their personal and work-related files, photos and videos. Their zero-knowledge encryption is a trust inspiring feature in a world where privacy of users is little respected!

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