Road Trip: Seeing The Country By Motorcycle


For decades, a road trip has been the stuff of dreams: a summer vacation, a coming-of-age ritual, or a leisurely way to move across country. Many people imagine their time on the open road behind the wheel of a car, truck, or SUV, but have you ever considered a motorcycle? Going on a motorcycle trip has many advantages over seeing the country behind glass.

It’s cheaper


Motorcycles have a smaller gas tank, and go much farther on one tank than any car. You can see more of the country with your savings on gas. It’s also less likely to overheat or have other problems, and is likely easier to fix if it does break down.

You’ll travel light

The limited space of a motorcycle means you’ll have to be choosy about what you take with you. This can be a great thing, though, because your limited clothing options mean you’ll spend less time worrying about what to wear and more time enjoying the breathtaking views of places like the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, or the Pacific beaches of Southern California, as well as some of the greatest cities in America.

You’ll connect with the scenery

Road-TripThere’s surely space for your camera, but when you travel by motorcycle, you’ll feel a deeper connection with the places you visit. Without the steel and glass surroundings of a vehicle, you’ll feel like you’re a part of the places you go, even if you don’t stop (or don’t stop for long). Remember no glass surrounding you makes accidents more dangerous. Always wear a helmet and drive safely, after all, you don’t want to have to find a motorcycle accident lawyer when you’re out on the open road.


You’ll have a flexible schedule

A motorcycle trip tends to be a rather solitary trip. You might have your spouse riding behind you, or on their own bike, or perhaps ride with a group. But for the most part, a trip of this nature is all about you. And that means you can travel at your own pace. If you find a quaint little town that you want to spend an extra day or two in, you can do that. If you find that the Florida Keys weren’t all you thought they’d be, you can head to the North Carolina coast right now instead of trying to convince others to move up your departure date.

Don’t forget to use caution, though


As wonderful and amazing as a road trip can be, don’t forget that there are some dangers to the open road that you’ll need to watch out for. One such danger is accidents. On a motorcycle, you’re likely to be more seriously injured in an accident, so keep your eyes peeled for cars that might not be looking for you.

Keep an eye on weather reports along the path of your travels, too. Thunderstorms, hail, blizzards, tornadoes and hurricanes are all potential hazards that might force you to take a break while you wait it out. But the sun also has its dangers. Pack plenty of sunscreen to slather on your exposed skin during those long travel days.

Be cautious with your wallet, too. Losing your cash, debit card, or entire wallet in unfamiliar surroundings can be a disaster, especially when there may be no one you know nearby to help you out. Consider purchasing a special wallet with a chain that clips to your jeans or your belt to ensure that it can’t be lost or stolen.

Road trips are a great way to spend some time, see the country, or reconnect with those you love. Enjoy the time. The memories you make will last long past the end of your trip.

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