Kim jets to Australia without her wedding ring

Kim???s wedding ring

Little Kim Kardashian has lost her ring, and doesn???t know where to find it! One saw her beautiful bony fingers at the airport recently and knew something was missing. Oh yes, it’s her wedding ring, those heavy $2 million rings have vanished from Ms. Kardashian???s finger! Does this mean she is a Miss again? Ok, cut the teasers, out with the news. The Kim and Kris fairy tale wedding life has just crashed! A tired Kim made this announcement before hopping onto a Down Under bound jet. Kris for his part expressed shock and wanted to sort out things. What things, we don’t know. But we do know that this whole ‘reality show wedding’ lacked substance, right from the beginning. Phew! The things celebrities do to just be on the media spotlight, whatever that might take them to do.

Here???s how the Kim marriage reality saga climaxed. Petite Kim announces she split from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries. She says Kris smelled fame through her and that is why he married her. Kris expresses shock. But that isn???t enough to make Kim flutter her eyelashes even once. Instead, she gathers courage from her doting family and hops across the Pacific to land in Australia. She probably would stay there till the dust kicked up by their made for media stunt settles down.

Kris for his part has used the occasion to talk about turning his name into a brand. He wants to launch a perfume under his name and drop in at the hippest nightclubs to promote it. Yeah Kris, that’s a nice way to express your shock. Rumor has it that he has already started acting like a single guy again.

Well, we wondered from the beginning if this was a real marriage at all or just made up for the reality television series the Kardashians are starring in. In fact, Kim???s sister Khloe openly confronted Kris about his commitment, right on their reality show. But Kim was smitten by him and after a brief dalliance she said ???I do??? to his romantic proposal. The wedding happened and was followed by a cosy Italian honeymoon. And then, their marriage began to head south. Kris, according the grapevine, wanted to move back to Minnesota, his home state. Kim certainly couldn???t afford to do that with her career perfectly set in Los Angeles. Kim is also believed to have popped the proposal to start a family which Kris turned down. Kris is said to have hired a Hollywood publicist that ticked Kim off. The final straw was Kim???s realization that Kris married her for fame and that they were not actually meant for a long term relationship. Kim mentioned this while announcing her split from her beau. Kim has got down to business hiring a high profile attorney to handle her case including protecting her financial assets.

Kris is believed to be devastated at this sudden development. He claimed that he still loved his wife very much. He went on to state that he respects their marriage covenant and will do everything to get their marriage on track.

But Kim can’t hear him because she and her sister Khloe are flying down to Australia to promote her handbag collection (designed with Bruno Schiavi) there. They were spotted heading towards the Los Angeles airport (LAX). Paparazzi managed to photograph her, looking tired, and going through the security checks. They focused on her bare ring finger which was making the obvious point- the Kim and Kris wedding is over!

The flip side of all this drama is that the wedding netted good money for both Kim and Kris, a cool $18 million from magazine deals, endorsements and appearances in television.

So, another marriage goes kaput in just 72 days and rakes in $18 million!

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