Saudi Royal Bel-Air Mansion on Sale

If your one of those people who have long been keen on buying a Bel-Air mansion but only after it was tastefully refurbished by an always classy Saudi royal, then here is your chance.
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A $38-million, 2.38 acres estate built by the Saudi King Abduallah back in 1989 has been listed for sale. The Saudi king tore down the originally house and added the standard nine bedrooms and bathrooms, a two-story guesthouse, the usually tennis court and the required pool.

Because it is the dream house of a Saudi royal, it features some neat little surprises. Ever wanted your own torture den? I hear it is the new craze.

There is the room fitted as a brothel for those always eager Saudi princes. Right across is the tiny sleeping quarter for the slaves.

The house features exquisite daggers for public beheading when a woman just doesn’t know her place. There is also the hall of intolerance which all non-Muslims, Shia Muslims and even some Sunni Muslims are not allowed to walk through.

Head over to the Wahhabi garden where you’ll learn how to grow your own variety of exclusive, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic extremism.

And after a long day unwind in your pool and never mind the blood dripping in, the wife got a little too independent and needed to be taken care of…

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