Are Selena – Justin back together?

Reunion is definitely on the cards for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.? The on and off couple who have been reported to have split up and part ways are now back together. This comes as a pleasant surprise for their fans who always wanted to see them together.


The couple had recently been spotted in Texas together. This was the first time the duo was seen on a date after a long time. Selena has been fresh out of rehab recently and had a concert in Texas. Justin allegedly? had flown down to Texas in order to support Selena. It seems the fire of love had kept burning inside them even when these lovebirds were not on good terms with each other.

The couple has been spending a lot of time together in Texas and thus making up for the time during which they stayed away from each other. Even if Selena is quite busy practicing her moves for the concert in which she is about to perform, she always manages to spend time with Justin. Her performance is expected to be a lot better than previous times because she seems to be in a happy phase right now.


They are also spending time in dance studios. Sources reveal that the couple had spent nearly two hours in the dance studio owned by Yair Cruz and his wife Alexandria.

Although there were high speculation regarding the fact that whether they were? only? rehearsing for the upcoming performances or there was something more to it.? Nevertheless, the couple remains silent in this matter. They are enjoying this beautiful period of reunion and are trying to make the most of it. There is no stopping this couple when it comes to having fun.

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