Short Crop: The sexy, ‘no-hassle’ hairstyles!

Once upon a time, short hair were representative of a ‘tomboy’ image. But today, celebrities have transformed short hair into incredibly sexy, impressive hairstyles! Short hair are now indicative of strong style statement. Check out these celeb hairstyles to stay update with short crop and bangs!

1. Evan Rachel Woods

Evan Rachel Wood

This lady carries her short bangs with ease. Her latest makeover in 2011 bought short bangs back to the limelight. Her long hair took too much time for styling. So, she chopped her long locks for comfort and relief. For Woods’ style, keep your front hair a little longer than the back. Make a side parting and let your hair cover the forehead. Use curlers to have wavy hair in the front.

2. Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Michelle is sporting short locks for her upcoming movie, ???My week with Marilyn,??? but the actress is long known for her short bangs, which look perfect.The close cropped pixie hairstyle, looks perfect on a ???no-nonsense??? woman like Michelle.

3. Emma Watson

Emma Watson

This teen sensation from wizard movie series, ‘Harry Potter,’ is a style icon. She is one of the A-listers who have chopped her long hair to sport a chic hairstyle with those sophisticated crops. For imitating Emma Watson’s hairstyle, just dab styling cream onto wet hair. Use shine spray to boost the shine of your bangs. Keep it natural and don’t worry about combing too much!

4. Rihanna


Rihanna’s short hair is a subtle indication of the fact that she has left her tormented past and moved on. The style also indicates her inclination towards rebellion and her need to be different. If you want hair like her, then get the basic short bangs, use styling gel and color them in a darker tone for a sexy appearance.

5. Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin

Goodwin looks ultimately stylish in her short locks. The uneven short bangs give her an edgy feel. If you want this style in your short crop, then use a vent brush while you blow dry your hair. Use pomade to style your bangs into smooth pieces over the forehead. Make sure that you keep you makeup subtle and natural to go along with the look.

6. Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee loves to experiment with her hair. She is known for coloring her tresses in various hues and shades. But in 2010, Ashlee, stunned the media and audiences with her short cropped hair. The hair were just long enough to be adjusted at the back of her ear. The short bangs on the forehead added grace to the beauty. The blonde color made her look sexier.

7. Halle Berry

Halle Berry

This iconic diva had short crop hairstyle for a really long duration. Halle berry has been sporting the chic, fashionable style bangs since her Bond movie and breaks the myth that only long hair can make you look sexy. This Hollywood diva has bangs that many other celebs may envy. Her stylish short crop along with that attitude and ease makes her an iconic, super sexy lady. If you want bangs like her then go for pixie style or try wavy bob. Keep a messy look to appear sporty. Surely, Halle looks best in her short crop!

8. Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

This famous ???High School Musical??? star has cropped her beautiful locks for a movie role. Although, the transition to short crop was intense, yet the lady carries this style with immense grace. The side swept bangs makes her look shaggy and fussy but at the same time the messy, dark bangs make her look chic and fashionable.

Certainly, the short bangs style is here to stay, after all, this style is playful, fun, messy, easy to maintain and trendy!

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