Showing some nerves – India says prepared for Chinese challenge

India has finally shown some aggression or as is evident by the hard talk done by its defence minister. A.K. Antony says the country is ready to face China if it does not mend its ways. In the latest incident that has come to light, China has not only built a well metalled road 5 Km into the Indian territory in Ladakh but also prevented an Indian patrol from going to the Line of Actual Control (LAC).


This incident comes only days after Chinese side withdrew from the Daulat Beg Oldie sector. Like the Daulat Beg Oldie incident, Chinese have taken due advantage of the posturing adopted by India. It knows very well that Indian establishment will rarely act in a hard manner on the intrusion issue. Last time too, the Defence minister took days before he issued a statement on the incursion.

This incident has reportedly occurred in the Finger- VIII area and the Chinese have managed to build road deep into the Indian Territory. It is a strange assumption though that Indian establishment is always caught off guard, when it comes to dealing on border issues with China.

Sensing the mood of the nation, the Defence minister made no delays and came out with a hard hitting statement in which he has asked China to mend its ways and not poke its nose into Indian matters.

He reportedly told the reporters that India deserves the right to defend its territory and measures will be taken to ensure the same. For now the matter is being looked into by the local military commanders and steps are being taken to deescalate the situation.

It is interesting to note here that the incident of Chinese troops stopping the Indian patrol from reaching the LAC took on May 17th, barely two days before the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang came to India. However, news related to this particular incident has become public about 10 days later after the Chinese Prime Minster went back.

This delay in conveying of vital news adds a new dimension to the Indo Chinese conflict. The security forces on their part and Indian Army in particular has been waiting to give a befitting reply to the Chinese so that they do not indulge in such misadventure off and on. However, the political establishment has always taken things the easier way, often compromising national interests.

Merely mincing words against China will not help as the Chinese leadership knows very well that the Indian establishment will rarely indulge in some physical action. They have been using this weakness of Indian political establishment to their advantage and this repeated intrusion is a result of this lacklustre policy that India adopts, especially when it comes to dealing with China.

AK Antony is to visit China soon and it would be in the interest of the Indian establishment that the government sorts out the border issue, once and for all with China, else such incidents of intrusion will keep happening, off and on.

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