Things Women need to know

Things are all the same when it comes to judging relations. Indian women are as good at guessing as men are. Below are listed some key facts that every woman must know and keep in mind, when it comes to relationships.


Calling the girl does not mean that guy is after you

It might surprise you that whenever a guy calls a girl most of them think that the guy wants her to fill the empty space in his life. In simple words, most girls think that the person wants her to be his girlfriend. It is wake time girls, the guy just may be wants you to spend some quality time with him. Think rationally and act in an appropriate manner.

Maintaining elegance without makeup

Another misconception that women have is that they look good only beneath layers of makeup. This is not true and you will never look unappealing to the one who likes you. Stop draping yourself in makeup and be as simple as possible. You will see that the guy in your life will like you even more.

Acting giggly is a strict no

It might happen that you are out with your boyfriend and you spot gang of girls who might be your friends. In normal course, you might be tempted to be a part of the gang and giggle around, even jumping in joy. Avoid this in the presence of your boyfriend as men usually find this sort of behaviour childish and you would not like to spoil the essence of the occasion.

Whispering and passing notes is childish

When dining with a group of friends, overcome the instinct of whispering and passing notes around. It gives the feeling that you are still a school going girl and you would not ever like to leave this kind of impression with any of your male friends or your boyfriend.

Men worry about their looks and dress

Just as you might be wondering about your dress and haircut, the man in your life is equally worried about the same. Console him by offering valuable suggestions and compliment him if you think that he looks elegant in his new hairstyle. Men love appreciation, especially when it comes from their female friends.

Avoid wearing very tight clothes

You might be having the best figure in the group and would be dying to flaunt it. It’s a great idea but not when you are with your boyfriend. Strange as this might sound but too much of skin showing will never go down with the man and he would be tempted to think that you are getting desperate and insecure about the way you look and feel. Be comfortable with him and see the positive ambiance it brings to your relationship.

Like him, tell him

It is as simple as this. If you feel that the guy with whom you are going around is perfect for you, you need to tell him. Do not play the waiting game, make an initiation and tell him about your feelings before it is too late.

Follow these measures and you will see that the guy in your life will start appreciating you, even for the smallest of the gestures. You are going to love it, for sure!

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