Singer Pete Doherty jailed after breaking probation order

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Pete Doherty may have escaped the bars for four years and has taken the restrictions of the probation order with a smile, but this time he has to face the court???s decision because of his ongoing demeanor.

But this hard-headed singer needs to learn his lesson as his luck begins to fade when he was given a 14-week custodial sentence by Judge Davinder Lacher for his inability to take full responsibility in fulfilling the conditions on his probation.

This 29-year-old Babyshambles frontman attended his 30-minute hearing at West London Magistrates Court before he was taken to Wormwood Scrubs prison.

Perhaps, the effects of drugs are still in his system after he was found possessing various drugs such as crack, heroin, cannabis and ketamine four years ago.

Among the criminal records he has include assault, possession of flick-knife, drugs and driving offenses.

Probably, 14 weeks in jail will help him to think about the things that he should not be doing and reflect about the mistakes that he has done.

Lacher ruled out that Doherty be jailed for ???breach of timekeeping, unacceptable behaviour, noncompliance with his probation order and use of different drugs.???

Fourteen weeks will be an ample time for Pete to think over his past actions. His career will be hampered if he continues his bad ways. I hope he will change for the better.

Via: Daily Mail

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