Stories and anecdotes that have perpetuated the legend of the Ninjas

Ninjas were big in popular cultureof the 20th century for their superhuman powers, and invoked awe. Ninjas were not only well-trained but had possessed some deadly tricks through which they could overpower their enemies. We bring to you insights into the legends and secrets of some of the great Ninja warriors and mysteries surrounding the cult.

Kato Danzo


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Kato Danzo was a magician ninja of the 16th century who disguised himself as a street performer and showed unbelievable tricks likeswallowing an ox. He was noticed through his performances by the Kenshin clan who wanted him to serve as a spy for them. His first task was to steal a protected and treasured sword that he managed to the satisfaction of his masters. He served as an agent successfully for a while, and his only mistakewas joining hands with the rival province of Zia who considered him a double agent and killed him.

Ninjas killed opponents simply by touching them

The statement that ninjas could kill just by touching is partly true. However, this does not mean that they possessed some kind of magical powers. However they were keenly aware of the pressure points on human body and therefore could kill opponents by right application of pressure. Ninjas were so quick in this technique that they immobilized their opponents within no time and with remarkable ease.

Tomo Sukesada

Tomo Sukesada was the master ninja of Koga and the head of Tomo Ryu tradition. Leyasu, the defeated leader of the Imagawa clan hired Sukesada and his eighty Koga ninjas to enter the Imagawa castle and kill the intruders. Sukesada skillfully and bravely killed more than two hundred intruders including the General.



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Some people believe that Ninjutsu was the fighting methods used by Ninjas but the same is not true. Ninjutsu instead referred to the strategies and tactics employed by ninjas gain victory.These techniques come fromvarious disciplines of martial arts and include some of the amazing art forms such as Taijutsu or unarmed combat, Intonjutsu to escape and conceal, Kayakujutsu to make use of pyrotechnics and explosives, Shinobi-iri that includes stealth and entering techniques.


Females could not serve as a Samurais in feudal Japan. Therefore, they could only serve as ninjas. Female ninjas had the benefit that they could use a wide array of weapons, which they easily hid in their accessories likefans and rings. Besides, the weapons were poisoned so that the opponent died quickly.

Ninjas are considered superhuman killers, but what they actually possessed was a great spiritual depth about their practices that made them strong and quick fighters. For this reason they were widely used as spies, bodyguards and assassins though the Japanese history.

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