Most stupid stories which ran on Indian news channels

The world media should appreciate Indian media for setting unique standards in field of news presentation. It’s time for our news anchors to share their secret of success with their western counterparts. They are anxious to learn from us how to make insignificant gain more importance than significant. Now let’s have a glimpse of some of the crazy news stories, which lacked essence yet they managed to grab the eyeballs.

Crazy news story

1. Preity Zinta ne ki “Ness Bandi” {Priety Zinta’s “Castration”}

Anyone like me who is not aware of Preity Zinta’s boyfriend’s would certainly be pretty confused as what compelled Preity to go in for castration! However, India TV has learnt the art of producing something from nothing like few babas. This simple news that Preity Zinta officially parted ways with her ex-boyfriend Ness Wadia got transformed into Preity Zinta’s castration. Interestingly, the news item also conveys the impression of Preity joining some Family Planning Clinic, wherein she has started performing castration! India TV’s next breaking news should be : ” Preity Ke Haatho Se Huein Gupt Castration”.

2. Amitabh ke Purvjanam Kaa Sach {Truth About Amitabh’s Last Birth}

Yes, we all are pretty curious to know some unheard facts about Amitabh Bachchan. Some facts which may satiate our curiosity regarding the elements which enabled Amitabh to attain such a meteoric rise to fame. However, there is nothing wrong to go back in past to such an extent that secrets of previous births also get highlighted. What I really regret is the timing of presenting such ridiculous story. It was presented at a time when Amitabh was admitted to the Leelavati Hospital and we were all praying that he might not be in grip of some life threatening disease.

However, India’s most serious news channel India TV was busy unearthing details of his past life as 19th Century American theatre actor by the name of Edwin Booth. Edwin Booth was a famous 19th centuryAmerican actor involved with Shakespearean plays. This gentleman, tragically, is best remembered as brother of John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. May Lord give some sense to India TV presenters ! At least, they learn to have right timing if not right content!

3. America Kaa Jasus ‘Chamgadar” { America’s secret ‘Owl’}

Well, America’s secret owl which got promoted on India’s only serious news channel India TV may or may not have managed to stir the emotions of Indian viewers but I am sure one would be really interested in knowing about America’s spy plane named COM-BAT. This six inch robotic spy plane modeled after a bat is deployed in urban combat zones. It’s main task is to supply data in time to the soldiers. The data comprises of sights, sounds and smells in urban combat zones. At least three universities have worked on making this spy plane a reality.

The University of Michigan College of Engineering in tandem with the University of California at Berkeley and the University of New Mexico with help of $10-million grant wishes to make it a reality. This spy plane makes use of sensors, communication tools and batteries side by side low-power miniaturized radar and a very sensitive navigation system. That’s why this spy plane can so easily work in night like a bat. I am quite confidant that this bat is more interesting than “America Kaa Jasus ‘Chamgadar”” that appeared on India TV.

4. Laden ko Ek ‘Chamgadar’ ne Maara {Laden Killed by an ‘Owl}

CIA should contact the news makers employed by India TV. I am sure they will come to have many interesting facts which not even their competent officials can manage with help of most perfect network. Let’s not be confused. It’s better we rely on the standard news item in this regard. The fact is that Laden was killed in a helicopter-borne assault, controlled by US special forces, on a closely guarded compound in Abbottabad. Such distorted presentation shifts our attention from important details to something very silly. In fact, one needs to ponder over the fact that Laden was killed in in a urban area of Pakistan. It remains a mystery how did such a tall heighted remain hidden from the eyes spies active in that area for such a long time? Any answers?

5. Baagho Ki Prem Kahaani {Love Story of Tigers}

In a love story, there is always a boy and a girl. Thanks to India TV we have now realized quite well that a love affair can also take place in the animal world. Now what’s the purpose? Whom are these India TV guys trying to inspire ? Certainly not the tigers. They are not fools like human beings to waste precious time watching India TV. Anyway, we should all be grateful to India TV channel if their comic interpretations lead to increase in numbers of tigers. We all are very interested in seeing this beautiful creature live for long.

6. Jungle mein Triangle {Triangle in Jungle}

Humans love to impose their own flawed thinking upon others. However, I am stunned to notice that they are now viewing the animal world via the same flawed perceptions. This “teesara kaun” is now haunting the animal world also and like always it was first noticed by India TV. I mean until now we believed that only human beings are in awe of triangle. It appears that this hit element in Indian blockbuster movies is now making its presence felt in animal world also. So it’s time for Yash Chopra to make animal version of ‘Kabhi Kabhi’. I hope he does not forget to invite India TV owners during making of this movie to have some better ideas!

7. Chudail Maange Pyaaj {The Witch Carves for Onion}

India TV would have surely provided many interesting themes to writers like Shakespeare interested in supernaturals. I am sure after watching this episode he would have made one of the witches in Macbeth ask for “Pyaz” from him! Anyway, such caricature of higher laws operating in universe is really bothering. It’s disgusting to note that people have no time to meditate upon better things but they do manage to save time for chudails -especially for ones appearing on India TV!

8. UFO Ne Aasman Se Kheench Li Gaay {UFO Pulled Cow from Sky}

It’s remarkably clear that our interest in unknown is quite deep. We seem to be highly interested in tracing life beyond our own planet. That does not mean we should start believing in hoaxes of all sorts. Long back ago when Alexander Hamilton first reported about stealing of his cattle one rarely recalls the subsequent happenings with same interest. His lies got exposed when one woman overheard him saying that he promoted such a false news just for the sake of entertainment. It says all.

9. Issi Gufa Mein Chhipe The Bholenath {Lord Shiva hid in this cave}

Why India TV showed such great interest in hiding place of Lord Shiva? Certainly, it did not receive any “akashvaani” from Lord Shiva to promote His once upon a time hiding place. Lust for better TRP can make any channel do the impossible. For my readers I wish to inform that Shiv Khori ( Khori means cave ) falls in the Ranso Village of Udhampur district, Jammu. It’s one of the best natural caves in India. Anyone visiting Vaisho Devi should save some time to visit such other great spots like this one.

10. Aaj India TV Pe Hoga LIVE Balatkar {LIVE Rape in India TV Today}

The very title shows that when it comes to sensationalism we can stoop down to any level. It’s sickening that a news channel like India TV or, for that matter, any news channel can discard professional ethics to lure greater TRP. Now look at this theme borrowed from 3 Idiots. It says all. Need to ask the person who invented this line is rape some sort of funny act ? Has he/she forgotten that it’s a serious assault on the modesty of women. It should not be made fun of but condemned in strongest manner.

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