The super rich youth: Five of the youngest billionaires of the world

Being a billionaire is the dream of many an individual who thinks that this status can be attained only as one nears the age of 40. However, there are some individuals who have become millionaires at a very young age. Here are 5 such individuals who are considered as the youngest billionaires in the entire world.

Drew Houston

 Dropbox Woos Balking Businesses as Box, Google Threaten in Cloud

The co-founder of Dropbox, Drew Houston if worth more than $1.2 billion, and attributes his success to his inspirational supporters and influencers. Houston believes that being surrounded by inspirational people would work along with talent and hard work to provide fruitful results.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

He reinvented social media with Facebook, and has continued to come up with interesting developments that keep users hooked. He is the CEO of Facebook and is known to take risks when it comes to discovering and launching new ways for individuals to communicate with each other. To say that he managed to pass with flying colors with each of these risk attached ideas is an understatement. Zuckerberg is a great inspiration to all those who want to succeed in life and take all the necessary risks needed to achieve the same.

Perenna Kei

Perenna Kei

As the majority stake owner of Logan Property Holdings, Perenna Kei from Hong Kong became a billionaire at just 24 when the rest of us were either just graduating from college or settling down in our first job. Kei’s father built the company and then transferred its control to her. The great thing about Kei however, is not her billionaire status, but how she chooses to behave with it. She is a great source of inspiration for all women out there, reiterating the fact that it is not always necessary to become a reality TV star in order to become rich and famous.

Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin

No one can forget Eduardo Saverin, the friend Mark Zuckerberg apparently betrayed in the movie ‘The Social Network’ as well as in real life when launching Facebook. The one time best friends are said to have apparently worked out the design phase of Facebook during their days in Harvard. Eduardo is also reported to have provided early seed money to kick start the project. He is worth over $2 billion today.

Robert Pera

Robert Pera introduced the world to Ubiquiti Networks

Worth over $1.5 billion, Robert Pera introduced the world to Ubiquiti Networks, which offer affordable internet access to several emerging markets worldwide. Ubiquiti Networks went public in 2011, escalating Pera’s status to that of a billionaire overnight.


The people mentioned above are the youngest billionaires on the planet and stand testament to this fact.

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