Syrian conflict is more of a muscle flexing between US, Russia

The Syrian conflict has become a matter of muscle flexing between Russia and The United States of America. In the recent Group of 8 Summit of the richest countries of the world, US President Barrack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a face to face meeting. This meeting was held as the US participation in the Syrian war has increased with supply of military aids. Both of their views were in sharp contrast regarding driving Syrian President Bashar Assad from power.


  • As per supporters, arms and ammunition will be supplied by the CIA to opposition forces with the anticipation of changing armed stability away from Assad.


  • The most influential ally of Syria, Russia, has sent arms to the force of Assad and is thinking of giving batteries of anti-aircraft missile. This has proved to be an obstacle for The US as they are considering sending weaponry to rebel groups in Syria.


  • Presidents of both of the countries have expressed their support for having meetings for negotiating peace in Syrian war. However, none of the presidents have shown any interest in ending the war which has till date killed at least 93,000 people.
  • Obama stated that Putin and his perspectives were different from each other, when it came to Syria. Putin also said that their opinions didn’t coincide with each other. However, both parties wanted to lessen the bloodshed. They were ready for peaceful negotiations.
  • The continuing conflict is a result of lack of efforts from both sides to assemble a peace conference. The opposition parties in Syria agree that Assad should be removed from power, but they don’t agree on anything else. In fact, they have also gained from the conflict, so they do not have much reason to bargain.
  • Little expectations were there even before the Russian and the US President had met in the 8 Summit. Russians do not have any reason to coax Assad to get into peace negotiations as his army battles in the field. Whereas, delayed decision is there from the American side which can be viewed as an effort to bring a change in support of the opposition and to compel the Syrian leader to negotiate.

Whatever the current situation is, we can only hope that it gets better and the Syrian conflict comes to an end. For this, peaceful and proper negotiation is required between Russia and the United States of America.

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