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I have had an account with eXTReMe Tracking for some time. This account allows me to survey the visitors to my web blog with various statistics such as where they were from and what they were searching for when they found my blog. The range of topics covered by my blog is quite diverse but I have discovered something interesting.

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My discovery was that the vast majority of searches which lead people to my blog are actually from searches for tattoo images on google images. There were (thankfully) a few searches on some on things like the poetry of Pablo Neruda or (strangely enough) “contra vim mortis non crescit herba in hortis” but these were the exception rather than the rule. It comes down to the peculiar fact that people are particularly excited by or otherwise interested in tattoos.

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A large proportion of the tattoo searches included search terms such as “stupid”, “dumb” or “ridiculous” (etc.) in the query. It seems that although I have only posted a few things about silly or otherwise tasteless tattoos that some of my other topics with a tattoo connection (i.e. Yakuza Moon) have also brought in the punters.

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It remains to be said that there are still some very beautiful tattoos out there and that it is an interesting art form with a rich and complex history which continues to evolve. The revelation here for maximising web exposure is that if you include articles, posts or images of tattoos I think that you are likely to increase your web traffic significantly. Event though only a small percentage of my blog refers to tattoos – most of my visitors come from queries about tattoos to a search engine. It seems that digital subscription is coloured by dermal inscription.

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