Ten most weird onstage costumes of Lady GaGa

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As much as she is known for her music, Lady Gaga is also known for her outrageous choice of costumes onstage as well as at award ceremonies. These costumes have contributed in a small way definitely to the phenomenon that Lady Gaga is today and there is no denying that. Following is a brief mention of some of the weirdest costumes that have defined Lady Gaga. Check them out:

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Lady Gaga and her band had a gig in 2007 where they were supposed to debut with Lolla. During this performance Gaga with her outrageous costume not just surprised the crowd but gave it the most defining moment as she jumped on the stage banging a cymbal, followed by a grinding movement with singer Justin Tranter and later jumping into the arms of her delirious fans in the pit.

lady gaga 2009 mtv vma 02
An outfit that she wore at MTV???s 2009 Video Music Awards consisted of a bizarre blood red lace dress with a mask. While it was hugely anticipated before the VMA that Gaga would come up with a one-of-its-kind outfit, but her kooky ensemble was more than enough to set all the fashionista???s tongues wagging.

lady gaga blk
Another Gaga outfit that managed to stay in controversy for an equally long time was the one she wore for her concert at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Designed in a signature (read controversial) Gaga style, this outfit showed off her bare back to the audience.

lady gaga meat
In one of her other wacky moments, Gaga turned up for the MTV Video Music Awards in a hideous and controversial raw meat dress. And there???s no doubt this outfit as created enough controversy to last for the upcoming generations as well!

bubble dress
Another visual delight that can sadly never be dared by the commoners was the wacky bubble dress costume that Lady Gaga sported during her performance at San Diego in March. Obviously a bizarre outfit, this trend setting designer clothing stunt could be pulled off by no one ??? but Gaga.

Definitely not much is known about Gaga???s music preferences with relation to the ???Why Did I Get Married Too???? star Janet Jackson, but considering her choice of haute couture which usually consists of out of the world looks, one thing is for certain ??? Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson have a similar choice when it comes to dressing wildly.

white blood
Considering Gaga???s strange affinity towards the blood and meat look in her dresses, one thing is for sure, Gaga definitely has an unexplained liking towards biological fluids. And with her first fragrance with notes of blood and semen in it coming out, there is no proving wrong Gaga???s weird attraction. Well, when it is Gaga, it has to be weird!

During Lady Gaga???s recent Monster Ball tour where she toured throughout the West Coast, her fans too attended her concerts dressed equally bizarrely as Gaga does. No doubt, her fans love her just the way she is – weird and unpredictable!

boobs explode
This definitely classifies as the wackiest best of Lady Gaga. During her performance at Canada???s MuchMusic Video Awards at Toronto, Gaga unleashed a stream of sparks from her boobs. And not just this, she then had synchronized in her performance a group of dancers conducting a close manual inspection of the just erupted area. Whew!

lady gaga living dress
And finally, the much talked about ???Living Dress???. Showcased by Lady Gaga during the Monsters Ball tour at Liverpool, this outfit inspired by designer Hussein Chalayan of British origin had a touch of Gaga as well. This dress is one of those creations which Gaga is immensely proud of and it has a head piece and wings that keep moving in and out. Wacky as well as innovative!

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