The Future of Cars: 3 Advances in Car Technology

Advances in Car Technology

The best way to see the future of the automotive industry is through the eyes of technology. The rate at which technology has improved over the decades shows how much more is yet to be unveiled. Each year, new innovations are introduced and there’s something amazing to look forward to that helps improve users’ driving experience. LED Headlights, for example, completely changed the efficacy of headlights in cars when it was launched.

There is no doubt that we are currently witnessing a fast shift in the way technology is changing personal transportation. People are beginning to place a priority on cars than ever before and it’s all thanks to new technological advancements.

Below are some more advances to look out for in future car technology.

1. More Map Options

More Map OptionsGoogle Maps have been a lifesaver for many people today and has also benefitted the automotive industry in many ways. However, there will be more advanced features on the map to improve how cars are used on the road, which will help improve safety. As more vehicles are released and more people purchase cars, there will automatically be more data on navigational maps.

One of the new features to expect include being able to choose your preferred route based on an array of criteria. For example, you can choose a different route if the initial one is congested and you are claustrophobic or have an illness that won’t let you thrive in congested places. This is under the Transit Attributes category where you also get information about temperature, accessibility, and crowds while in transit.

2. Voice Commands

Voice commands are already common for our smart devices but less common in cars. While the speech recognition in vehicles isn’t new, there is still so much to be done to ensure a smooth consistency and to implement it in more cars. This is to help more users interact with their cars through simple commands like they already do with their phones and other smart devices.

According to Statista, an estimated 3.25 billion digital voice assistants are being used globally as of 2019. By 2028, the same would be embedded in about 90% of new vehicles sold all over the world. This would make driving easier and more fun.

3. Biometric Vehicle Access

Biometric Vehicle AccessWe’ve switched from keys to keyless entries over the years and what’s next other than the biometric vehicle access? This is similar to how smartphones went from passwords/passcodes to biometric access and voice control. Automotive users will now be able to unlock their cars with their fingerprint, which is easier, faster, and safer. You also don’t have to worry about holding and keeping keys.


There’s more to the future of cars and as long as technology continues to evolve, we should expect more features from the automobile industry. These three advances listed here are only a few of what more to expect and they are closer than ever. Technological advancement isn’t stopping any time soon, neither is the advancement in cars.

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