The Indian Election Advertising Campaigns– Which Political Party Tops The Charts?

Main bhi chowkidar hoon

The month of the elections is here. Finally, the Indian citizens will choose which political party gets to serve them – or will they? Every year, just before the Indian elections, the two major political parties – The BJP and the Congress – launch various digital propagandas to influence or improve their vote bank. Their memorable takia-kalams­ in the Indian election advertising campaigns become popular to the extent of being on every child’s tongue. Playing repeatedly on the television screens, these propaganda techniques are so unique and so smartly manufactured that the common man starts to recite them like a puppet even in his dreams – or worse – nightmares. In light of this, here’s a quick look at the numerous Indian election advertising campaigns that the mainstream political parties have used to reach their target voters – and did they work?

Going all in

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Advertising and marketing experts claim that in 2019, the major political parties might spend more than 40 billion rupees in the Indian election advertising campaigns. Clearly, the parties at the forefront want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to visibility. They want their followers and supporters to see them on television screens, big silver screens, and even on huge posters and hoardings. And when they have the back of media broadcasters, why should they hold any bars?

From the general elections, the media broadcasters are looking to cash in approximately 25% more revenue than ever before. With such a huge profit margin on the horizon, it is no surprise that every 1 in 5 advertisements you see on your television screens is smeared all over with political propaganda. Moreover, this time, regional parties aren’t shying away from blowing their own trumpets through smart (or silly) advertisements. Even if you aren’t yet thinking about your choice of the right political party, these advertisements will ensure that you start soon.

BJP ensures chowkidari, amps its slogan

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Main bhi chowkidar hoon’ – play a youtube video posted by the BJP just a fortnight ago, and you will find Indian faces claiming proudly – that even they protect this country. But along with whom? Along with the Prime Minister of this country – Narendra Modi.

One of the most viewed Indian election advertising campaigns, this advertising propaganda banks on the emotions of the millions of Indians – who are still high on their recent clash with Pakistan, the nationalistic and patriotic fervor that has gripped the minds of crores of people in India, and the bright, energetic hope for the future that promises a new India.

What works in favor of this advertisement?

This advertisement is successful in establishing a connect with the viewers. Right from a rickshaw driver to a teacher, from a doctor to a housewife – this advertisement allows the viewers to redefine their role with respect to their duties as Indian citizens.

Moreover, by using trigger words such as aman (peace), vikas (progress), and ghar (home), the advertisement easily provokes goose bumps for the viewers. These words, used at the right time, in the right place – coupled with a memorable tune and rhythm ensures that the slogan effectively gets drilled into the minds of potential voters.

What works against the advertisement?

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The advertisement promotes the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, as a ‘one-man-army’. While the effectiveness of this strategy is debatable, one wonders whether a political party, whose identity is based on an individual’s strength and potential, cannot really make a place for itself in the hearts of those voters who believe that the foundation of any democratic nation is political teamwork.

For how long are various political parties going to bank their electoral success on a montage of happy Indian farmers, women, children and laborers? Everyone is not happy. Everyone is not singing praises of the current ruling party. We all know that. So, whom is the BJP fooling? It’s time to stop, rethink and reinvent a way of portraying reality, and yet, assure the common people that everything’s going to be just fine.

Congress banks on nyay, promises long-elusive justice

Ab hoga nyay

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‘Ab hoga nyay’– when Congress realized this slogan a week ago, did it think about how it failed to deliver nyay since the last 6 decades? Or was the political party trying to reinvent itself, redeem itself, by finally promising to deliver the very thing that it cared about the least?

This advertising campaign for the Indian general elections, similar to the one launched by the BJP, banks on the emotions of the common man of India. But instead of placing emphasis on how much the standard of living of the laymen has improved, it is focusing on the increased plight and helplessness of the same. Here is a review:

What works in favor of the advertisement?

One of the briefest Indian election advertising campaign, this advertisement focuses on eliminating divide across all sections of the Indian society – be it gender, caste, class, or religion. It successfully points out the failed or debatable laws and regulations that the BJP imposed on the common people – be it demonetization, unemployment or Saffronization of places by renaming them.

The advertising campaign promises justice to everyone who felt wronged by the current government. Moreover, it claims that its people, not its Prime Minister, make a country. By doing so, it directly attacks the BJP strategy – of banking on just one individual to win the general elections across the country.

What works against the advertisement?

No matter how the Congress uses the right words or the right tune to ingrain its slogan into the minds of the viewers – but unless it provides even a miniscule amount of clarity and transparency on its proposed policies and chooses the right team to implement the same – these promises are at best, vague and hollow.

The advertising campaign of Congress might claim its potential to eradicate unemployment, religious divide and inequality at all levels. However, it’s past record (and it’s a long one) shows consistent failure at the same. So despite its play on emotions (and the same, repeated pattern of banking on montages of camouflaged visages), Congress needs to come up with a better advertising campaign – where it can admit its wrongs and provides a clear vision to correct the same.

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