The Joru Ka Ghulams of Bollywood

It is a Bollywood comedy film which was released in 2000. It is directed and produced by Shakeel Noorani and stars famous celebrities like Govinda, Twinkle Khanna, Kader Khan and Johnny Lever. It was a box office hit.


The story is about a wealthy person by the name Dyaneshwarprasad Pitamber, acted by Kader Khan who has four particular problems in his life and the problems are his girls who are namd after four Goddesses: Durga (Twinkle Khanna), Parvati, Lakshmi, Saraswati. All of his daughters are notorious and are reluctant to marry. Pitamber fixes Raju Patel played by Ali Asgar, from the U.S. to marry at least one of his girls. While on the way from airport to the house Raju is captured and robbed off his luggage, ID and clothes by two goons Raja (Govinda) and Kanhaiya (Johnny Lever). Then they reach Pitamber’s house disguised as Raju and his associate. After being welcomed they face the challenge of convincing the girls to marry since Pitamber had put the condition that all his daughters would be married at once.
Joru Ka Ghulam_1972

Another film by the same name was released in 1972 under the family comedy genre. It was directed by A. Bhimsingh. There were celebrities like Rajesh Khanna, Om Prakash, Nanda, Ramesh Deo.

The story is about Kalpana (Nanda) who is a daughter of a rich man who does not allow her to mix with boys or men. Kalpana moves on to the city to her uncle’s house to continue higher studies. There she visits an art gallery and gets attracted by a painting by the artist named Rajesh (Rajesh Khanna). After that they meet once and they fell in love and Kalpana’s father comes to know about it and opposes it. She runs away with Rajesh and marries him. They are blessed with a boy and Kalpana’s father changes his mind and wishes to see his grandson. In the meantime Kalpana has lied to her parents that his husband has achieved success in his and is quite wealthy. So, when they hear that Kalpana’s father is coming to meet them they hire a bungalow and a car for two days. Now they try to make up the story and maintain it until their parents decide to leave after two days.

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