The Moral Bankruptcy of Modern Economic Globalization

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Globalization is thought the next step forward march in the linear dance trajectory insofar as human economic evolution. Beginning with the inception of humanity in and of itself, cave men, human tribalism, city states, nation states and finally globalization and its associated global liberal economic markets as Adam Smith envisaged. Everything is “for sale” in the 21st century from human worth to international justice.

It was thought humanity evolved from its former cave man days in which allegiance to an approximate groups of homosapians developed into our world’s leaders committing themselves to moral integrity, regardless of the “old boys’ network” both nationally and globally. This is not the case. Presently, multi-national corporations and capitalist market conglomerates have the money not only to influence any individual country’s governmental policy, but to buy themselves a small nation state south of the equator; and they do. Humanity, evidently didn’t evolve the extent thought.

Current deregulated commerce and corporate rule today is offered up on the auction block as a viable alternative to centralized bureaucratic governmental control in the United States insomuch as former communism was in the U.S.S.R. Instead of the three branches of power in America acting as the centralized power of our state/country, currently, global companies controlling economic markets are. Concepts as international justice at the Hague’s highest court currently hearing the Karadzic and similar cases pertaining to the Former Yugoslavia are offered as financial sacrifices to states offering the highest monetary funding for the international criminal court.

As economic globalization unfolded, it exposed itself as morally bankrupt at philosophical, political, ecological and economic points. But not many seem to care as we enter the so-called most advanced stages of human development ever. It is an obvious social fact that advanced human scientific development is totally unrelated to both advanced human spiritual development and moral human integrity.

This moral and financial capitalist bankruptcy has been presently exposed naked as international economic elites find their towers leaning with the increasing global economic crisis. Is America next to undergo a revolutionary “class” civil war and/or military governmental coups not dissimilar to those constantly occurring in less economically developed countries (?) In those countries wars are typically attributed to errors in a certain government’s inability to reconcile large gaps in social classes and poverty.

Time will only tell. Let’s hope this is not the case in America.

The philosophical ethical bankruptcy of economic globalization is based on reducing every aspect of our humanity to commodities on an auction block. Our capacities and identity as members of moral social communities and our role as moral custodians of our national cultural heritage disappears, and/or is destroyed as global markets and economic capitalist consumerism expands as our human moral capacity shrinks moving forward in the 21st century.

But the human spirit refuses subjugation by this global consumerism view based on the dispensability and necessity of human survival. The bankruptcy of the dominant capitalistic world order is leading to rapid increasing social, ecological, political and economic non-sustainability; societies, ecosystems and economies are currently disintegrating and breaking down as was the case in Iceland recently.

The dominant political economic elites advocating globalization also advocate numerous characteristics be injected in American society including but not limited to increasing international social injustice. This leads to national instability on grand scales. The features introduced by those advocating globalization and capitalist society play with basic human needs such as but not limited to:

Enclosing remaining ecological commons i.e., biodiversity, water, air, and space upon which people’s livelihoods and economic security depend; Destruction of cultures and endangering tribal cultures particularly located in South America, the Pacific Rim Islands and Africa.

Commodifying drinking water and codifying outer space boundaries by international law for purposes of instituting property rights facilitating possibility of future trade agreements. Transforming people’s basic human rights to life and natural resources into one large corporate monopoly.

This transforming essential human commons to economic commodities is ensured through globalizations’ shifting national governance and its decision-making official bodies from the three executive branches in America to global multi- national corporations. This removes the rights and civil liberties from “we the people” to chose our local, state and federal representatives to the CEO’s of multi-national elite corporations such as, ENRON.

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