The most romantic nationals of the world

The craving for romance is a human characteristic. It is embedded in our genes and we cannot change it. We want to connect with our counterparts on a deeper emotional level and express our love for them in the most touching manner. It is true that not everyone is capable of romantic feelings but when anyone tries to do something for his/her lovers or spouse to show them that they care, romance takes the center stage. Even silence can be poetical when two people can value it together. Romance is the spice that our stale life needs. Following is a list of countries that includes sufficient info about the most romantic people and cultural values.


The French

French novels, perfumes, art and clothes, everything exudes a romantic charm. They are not only connoisseurs of beauty and love but they have also taken the art of love making to new levels of expertise. It is said that a French lover is the most skilled lover who knows how to make his lady melt. The French people believe in seduction and the secret seductive weapon is their intelligence and culinary skills. Ambience is of vital importance for a romantic set up.


They are a mixed race of people who have descended from the Spanish and Italian ancestors. The argentines believe in fiery passion and romance is all about attraction. The men and women both are very straightforward and take interest in art, music and cultural pursuits. Dancing is an important part of the game of seduction for them. Tango, their national dancing style, is probably the most erotically evocative dance form in the whole world.



Romance is a daily staple without which Americans can’t breathe. They are very upfront about romance. Public display of love is a common thing and you will get to see men and women holding hands or kissing at every nook and corner. Romance is all about dating, courtships and marriage is always between two soul mates.


Unlike other stiff-necked Arabic countries, Lebanese people are very much fond of good romance. Romance for them is slow and gentle seduction. They have a classy dress sense paired with dark, enigmatic eyes, which is quite enough to attract the opposite sex.



They are high-spirited romantic people – dauntless and bold. The Italian people have passion running through their veins and they can do anything for the honor of their love or lover.

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