Interesting facts you might not know about Facebook

Just like a beloved friend or a family member without whom life will become very dull and empty, Facebook has crossed the boundaries of virtual world and seeped into our reality without our knowledge. Now most of us are incapable of living a day without checking our Facebook updates or changing the status messages. For many, Facebook has become an impediment to a normal social life. For others, it is this social networking site where they found new friends or life-partners. Facebook is the reason why relationships are changing their dimensions. The virtual life has engrossed us so much that we have started neglecting the people around us who used to be important for us. Though Facebook is such a huge favorite for our generation, there are many facts about this social networking site that we have no idea about. Following interesting facts about Facebook will definitely startle you.


The color blue

In an interview session for New Yorker, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, admitted that he is quite obsessed with the color blue and it holds the deepest meaning for him. That is the reason why the predominant color used in the design of Facebook is a rich, deep blue. Zuckerberg has also told the reporter, Jose Antonio Vargas, that he is colorblind and just like other people with the same genetic predicament cannot recognize the colors red and green. Thus, blue is the color he is most comfortable with.

Dumping Ground

Facebook is the latest dumping ground where people may put their mental agitations to rest. Public breakups can be very devastating and getting dumped on the virtual grounds can be very humiliating as all your friends and peers get to know your personal details.

Political Engagement

The Irish Government used Facebook for re-writing their constitution. Danish people are diehard fans of Facebook and use this social networking site throughout the day. The government used it to learn about public opinion regarding constitutional changes.


Popular Among Prostitutes

Recent studies show that 83 percent prostitutes use Facebook for social networking or client hunting. They are regularly picking customers here and settling prices through inbox messages.


Crime Alert

This may sound extremely bizarre but the father of a young girl killed a couple when they unfriended her on Facebook. The girl’s name was Jenelle Porter.

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