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It has always been a mystery as to what exactly makes one beautiful woman more attractive to men than other beautiful women. Women find it very puzzling as to how a man gets attracted to a girl and what he looks for in a female partner exactly. Every year surveys are done by different websites and magazines to find out which women have won most hearts and who the most desirable females are. Every relationship starts with a flicker of attraction. Women can probably pick up one or two cues from the list of most desirable women around the world. Just having a super hot body is not enough. The modern, intelligent men are finding women who are soulful and have their own mind more attractive. A body without a smart mind cannot hold a man’s attention for long and it does not always take long legs to impress a guy but still men do fall for dumb beauties. The list of most desirable women here features the greatest bodies with brains and courage, so blaming men would be probably a mistake in 2013.


Jennifer Lawrence

She is a teen heartthrob whom we will be seeing a lot in the coming years, thanks to the ‘Hunger Game’ movie series. This beautiful blond has a great dress sense and speaks with the right amount of charm mixed with sweetness and naughtiness. She has already won an Oscar this year and has topped the most desirable women list of Ask Men.Com. She is gorgeous, talented, well-dressed and soft spoken, can men ask for anything more. We hope that in the coming years, this pretty lady wins more hearts and accolades with same élan.

Kate Upton

Who can stay unaffected by this beautiful bombshell? She has a magnificently curvaceous body that millions of women can kill for. Kate Upton is an actress and model and started her modeling career in 2011. She is young but has already become one of the most famous models around the globe.


Rooney Mara

She is a famous television and film actress who can knock any man off with her dazzling beauty. She is an ideal beauty with brain whom men find irresistible.

Miranda Kerr

She is not just another Australian model who has found international fame. Miranda Kerr is one of the topmost Victoria’s Secret models. How can any man overlook her angelic face and devilishly hot body? That’s why she is in the list.


Scarlett Johansson

She is a classic blonde beauty and a very talented actress. The way she speaks proves that this lady has got her brains alright. Scarlett is a fantasy for millions of men.

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