The Pros and Cons of McAfee Antivirus

Pros and Cons of McAfee Antivirus

Did you know that in 2020 alone, ransomware victims paid a total of $350 million worth of cryptocurrency? As more and more individuals and businesses rely on online tools and services, cyberattacks will only increase.

To fight back, you need a stronger computer security tool. McAfee Antivirus is one of the most common options available.

Is it worth the cost? Does this antivirus tool keep you safe as strongly as advertised? Discover the pros and cons of McAfee with our in-depth guide right here:

What is McAfee Antivirus?

McAfee Antivirus is a form of computer security software released back in 1987. The software takes its name from the company founder, John McAfee. Intel acquired the company in 2014 and later made a deal with TPG Capital, allowing McAfee to still bear its name on many of its products.

The main tool scans and eliminates computer virus infections. Other tools under the McAfee name include VPNs, parental controls, password managers, and more. Some PCs and Mac units that come with McAfee pre-installed already feature most of these tools.

Pros of McAfee Computer Antivirus

Why invest in McAfee Antivirus? It’s one of the most popular antivirus suites, after all, with half a billion users worldwide. There must be a few reasons why so many people choose to stick with it instead of other software, such as Norton, Kaspersky, or Bitdefender.

Discover three of its major advantages with this list below:

·        Easy for Beginners

The biggest benefit is its intuitive and simple design. Most PCs and Mac units come with McAfee already installed.

A lot of people steer clear of antivirus tools with a complicated UI. Users might feel intimidated by the menu options and different procedures to get simple tasks done. McAfee eliminates the complexity by providing a simple but effective UI that even basic PC users can use.

You don’t even need to open the app to access most of its features. You can access most of them with a simple right-click on its icon in the desktop toolbar.

·        Bonus Features

There are a lot of bonus features that offer more than basic antivirus protection.

The most important feature is the boosted database. McAfee constantly and consistently updates its database. This ensures that the tool can identify even the latest threats.

You also get a two-way firewall. Firewalls restrict internet traffic, inspecting data packets that go in and out of a network. A two-way firewall not only protects you from malware coming in but also prevents you from accidentally sharing vital information with others.

McAfee also comes with a strong VPN tool and a reliable password manager. There are also parental controls and a version of McAfee for people on a Macbook or mobile device (both iOS and Android).

·        Available for Mobile Users

McAfee is also available for mobile users. You get most of the same features as desktop users, from the antivirus tools to the password manager and VPN.

The only main difference is the UI. McAfee on mobile utilizes a mobile-friendly interface that makes it more intuitive to use while on the go. You can also access different features through interactive notifications and widgets that function even when you lock the screen.

Keep in mind that the price for mobile users is the same as it is for the desktop version. Instead of purchasing versions of the software, you pay a subscription for several devices.

Cons of McAfee Antivirus Software

This brings us to the downsides of McAfee Antivirus. It’s not a perfect app. There are some caveats to consider, especially when you want to compare it to other antivirus and protection suites.

One of the first major issues you’ll have to consider is its price tag.

·        Expensive

Gone are the days when software offered a one-time purchase deal. Since McAfee gets constant updates, the developers need finances to constantly update the database and improve the app’s features. You can only sign up for a paid annual subscription.

This subscription isn’t cheap, either. Compounding on this issue is the fact that McAfee doesn’t list the exact price. The website tricks people by stating how much you can save by signing up for the higher-tier packages.

Do you need to install McAfee on more than five devices?

You can’t customize your subscription package. There is only a tier for a single device, for five devices, and ten. If you only need to protect seven or eight devices, you’ll need to get the tier for ten devices.

·        Blocks Its Tools

McAfee Antivirus and its other features can sometimes block other McAfee tools. The antivirus or firewall can even stop McAfee parental controls, VPNs, and other features even though they all come from the same package.

This is because McAfee’s system doesn’t discriminate against files according to their source. As soon as it spots a file utilizing certain file types, regardless of source, it’ll block it. You’ll need to manually manage the files and McAfee’s vault to run some of the blocked apps and files.

Removing McAfee

Do you want to remove McAfee in favor of another Windows antivirus tool or the built-in MacBook protection system? One downside to McAfee is that uninstalling it doesn’t completely remove all the files. You might still have McAfee’s database and files running in the background.

There are ways to fully delete McAfee’s files. You can discover more through this guide here:

Boost Your Computer Security Today

Now you know more about the McAfee computer security app. Whether or not it’s the right tool for you depends on your needs and budget.

If you want something simple and easy to use, then this could be a perfect choice. This proves problematic for people who access sensitive websites or files. It’s also expensive and difficult to uninstall.

Did you find this dissection of McAffee useful? Are you looking for more technology guides like this one? Don’t hesitate to go over more of our articles today to discover other lists providing all sorts of tips and tricks!

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