The top risks and threats the world is facing this year

You may not be able to perceive them just by reading the daily news papers, but the geopolitical threats are growing bigger in proportion with every passing day. From the very beginning of 2015, some of the geopolitical threats have become apparent. The major political powerhouses like China, US, Russia and Europe have significant roles to play in this.

The political and trade relations between Russia and US have been broken, political crisis in the Middle East region has increased the number of homeless individuals manifolds and China is fast becoming a powerful trade partner for more than hundred nations. Let’s find out what are the most serious risks that our world is facing in this inimical year.

Problems are cropping up across Europe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel shakes hands with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the start of an EU-CELAC Latin America summit in Brussels

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Social instability and public anger is rising in the European countries. The EU states are not being able to see eye to eye. The friction is increasing over different socio political issues like legislation, pension reforms and fiscal balances.

If UK, Germany and France could work together in resolving these issues then thing would have stabilized sooner than later but discord between them have worsen the situation. Fiscal balance problem is increasing between cities like Brussels, Rome, Paris and Berlin.

Russia is in distress

Russia battles over Ukraine

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Russia has drawn a spectacularly anti-western foreign policy due to its battles over Ukraine with the Western countries. Russia’s financial and economical crisis has worsened due to decreasing oil prices, economic stagnation, Ruble’s plunge and western sanctions.

The negative attitude of US and Britain and their sniggers may provoke Russia to lead more cyber attacks on major governmental organizations or financial institutions of these countries. Despite its deteriorating financial circumstances, Russia has become more inclined towards committing geopolitical menaces.

China’s slow growth

president of China Xi Jinping

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Even good policies can have a bad repercussion. This is true for China as its steady yet slow growth may affect the economy of other countries. The new president of China Xi Jinping is trying to reform the economy without taking political risks. He is also trying to implement new energy and environmental policies and limit the debt for state owned enterprises.

His efforts will definitely slow down the growth of China but help in steadier development. As a result the countries like Brazil and Australia dependent on Chinese economy will have a major set back.

Geopolitical risks are brewing underneath the apparently peaceful atmosphere. The friction between European countries is increasing. Russia may also start acting out against Britain and US very soon.

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