The trend of sending an ‘open letter’ gets interesting, disturbing

Writing open letters to celebrities, political heads, popular programs and a particular type of people has become a trend these days. Anyone can write an open letter and if written well it will get circulated through the web in no time and reach the people, shows, organizations or celebrities they are meant for. In the recent past, some incredible open letters became the talk of the day and raised some fundamental questions that most of us overlooked or were afraid to ask. In the following, some of the open letters that made news have been listed.

Open Letter to women who turn down nice guys

 nice guy

Written on behalf of the ‘nice guys’ who do everything in their power to impress their girlfriends and keep them happy, this open letter was an attempt to spread awareness about how women should stop chasing bad boys. It describes how the bad boys break her heart and then she becomes hard hearted, rejecting the amorous and sincere efforts of nice guys.

It also points out that if a woman does not want to settle down eventually then getting into a serious relationship with a nice guy is wrong. Well, who will settle with whom is their own decision and a ‘nice guy’ should not be categorizing women.

Open letter by Twinkle Khanna on AIB Roast controversy

 Twinkle Khanna

Image Source : ActressPicz

The open letter written by Twinkle Khanna is a hard hitting eye opener. She has drawn our attention to all the things that the government and public are ignoring to be offended and bitter about AIB Roast. AIB Roast was a standup comedy show and the celebrities who participated have no objection on being the butt of the jokes but political leaders found it obscene.

AIB Roast makers had also declared it to be an adult show. Twinkle has aptly pointed out problems like gang rapes, reduced health care spending and lack of educational facilities for children that deserves our attention more than a comedy show.

Open Letter to Muslim Terrorists

attack on Charlie Hebdo

Image Source :  CbsNews

Following the attack on the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo a Muslim man wrote an open letter to the Muslim terrorists, who proclaim to be the protectors of the Muslim religion. He points out that because of the activities of the terrorists he has to defend his religion every now and then. The letter goes on to say that the prophet never preferred violence and was very tolerant to even his enemies. He also says very boldly that the Islam practiced and preached by terrorists is not the Islam he believes in.


Open letters have become a form of raising awareness and protesting against crime, partiality and social problems. It is a great medium of communicating opinions and reaching the right audience.

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