Things that Men do not want in their Women

Women think that they are perfect but sometimes they do some silly things. These silly things annoy their man. Here we have a list of some important things that women should know about themselves.


Calling after one hour

We know that women are so caring and want to ensure that their men are safe and fine. For this, they often use to call or text them every hour, which is a bad idea and do not work all the times. This could make men angry and frustrated too.

Fake impressions

Men love women what they are not for what they pretend to be. They do not like when women fake it, orgasms or otherwise. Women often put on a poker face, which sometimes become an object of hatred for men.

Image: A young woman uses a smart phone

Keeping a check

Many women often use to check phones, wardrobes or other belongings of their men, which is a bad habit. Love makes women to know everything about their men so doing all this do not work all the time, in fact it can ruined your relationship.

Being Late

Men are completely stranger to the term “fashionably late” as they want everything on time. So it is important for women to understand this thing and try to do everything faster in order to keep their men happy. For this, they can get dress for any party in advance because being late is not in the dictionary of men.


Very talkative

Men usually love to maintain silence, but women do not like this. If your man is not saying anything then it does not mean that, he does not like you or not feeling good. This simply means that he want to some silence so instead of asking so many questions it is better to company him to maintain the silence.


Generally women are little possessive about their man but it is not good to feel all time jealous. Your man may have many friends who are girls so instead of rushing on him it is advisable to give him some space.

Asking the same thing again and again

Yes, women are so conscious about their figure and slim body but it does not mean to include your man in this. Women often ask their men whether they are looking fat or not. However, asking for this once or twice is enough but asking the same thing repeatedly does not make any sense as it simply irritates your man.


Sometimes, women do not consider simple things that can make their men angry. So, they must keep in mind those things that can make their relationship stronger.

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