Minority and Muslim appeasement – An Indian political tool

The 16th Parliament has returned just 23 MP’s from the Muslim community. This ranking is fourth lowest in the history if Independent India, as prior to this the first, second, and tenth Parliament had less than 23 MP’s. If asked the reason behind this happening, probably the failure of appeasement politics seems to be the valid reason behind.


The so-called secular parties of India have failed to utilize the Muslim appeasement plan this time. Muslim appeasement politics has not worked for most of the secular parties this time probably owing to the following reasons – firstly, a section of Muslim youth who represents aspirations of 21st century India is not at all interested in the emotional issues, they want employment and development. The miserable governance record of parties such as SP, Bahujan Samaj Party, and RJD just could not attract voters who desperately want employment and development.

Secondly, Modi is closely connected to Hindutva. However, there is no denial of the fact that voting did take place in the communally sensitive areas like Bihar, Assam, and Uttar Pradesh. Modi did not openly talk about the Hindutva, but some political parties overtly went in for the Muslim appeasement phenomena. Probably this is the reason why Hindu voters behaved this way and voted extensively for the Hindu candidates.


The observations revealed that this time the class of economically less well-off Hindus reacted sharply to the appeasement politics rather than the upper and middle class Hindus who were formerly mush more sensitive regarding the entire subject. This time the appeasement politics resulted in shattering the caste and class divisions within Hindu society and the Hindu vote prevailed.

Another major reason behind the shortfall of the Muslim candidates in Indian politics is the fact that Muslims cannot elect a candidate on their own unless they form a coalition with at least one of the dominant Hindu castes. Owing to the dominance of governance and the split, such coalition of the castes for the political motive could not take place this time.

In order to meet their selfish ends, some political parties and the politicians leave no stone unturned, without caring the least for the country’s prosperity. They use minority appeasement and secularism as political tools to generate vote banks, without realizing the level of harm they cause to the sentiments of the innocent public. Now with Mr. Narendra Modi in power, we have high hopes that this dirty political game of minority appeasement and secularism will end and we will not get to see politicians fighting at the name of Ya Ali and Jai Shri Ram in the Parliament.

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