Tips to motivate your spouse to hit the gym everyday


If you want to expand a healthy lifespan, then you must know the power of gym, but what about your spouse? The body changes with time and there are so many factors that could ultimately affect the fitness level of an individual. May be your spouse no longer remains healthy as he was when you saw him for the first time? Or the working life of him has reduced the fitness and motivation levels. The healthy benefits of excursing regularly can’t be ignored and thus here are a few ways to motivate your spouse to hit the gym.

Let them know that you care for them

motivate-your-spouse-to-hit-the-gymNo one likes to get lectured! Try to use some loving words as a motivator. Make your partner exercise in a gentle and concerned way and indulge yourself too in the health improvement program. Do mention how it will be good for both if you get in shape.

While you think that your motivation and encouragement is enough, it is still better to get the professional opinion by your side. Urge your spouse to get a regular medical check up and schedule one even for yourself. A statement made by doctor like the high blood pressure and extra weight of your body is putting you in a risk of early death can motivate your spouse to hit the gym. Make sure that your partner enquires about the appropriate exercises from the doctor depending on your weight, fitness levels and age.

Bring in yourself the change you want to see

motivate-your-spouse-to-hit-the-gymDecide up your games and invite your partner along. Enrol yourself in some fun activity of gym along with him if your are concerned about your partner’s weight. Make yourself a good example before your spouse in terms of fitness level, lifestyle and weight.

If you want your partner to get more active, you yourself have to encourage him as a role model and suggest him some fin activities which both of you can explore your city on foot, biking, hiking or working out together.

Set yourself as a healthy example and this will be the best way of motivating your boyfriend to workout. You need not to brag or nag further and let your spouse make your decision and follow your lead. Most of the people hate being told what they need to do, so just act smartly. Shut the trap and move yourself forward.

Taking small steps to motivate your spouse to hit the gym

motivate-your-spouse-to-hit-the-gymIf you want to make your partner exercise, make sure that he has small wins. The most common obstacle that prevents people from leading a healthy life is just being overwhelmed. It may seem to be a lot for your partner to start making changes and people also fear from giving up things they enjoy like tasty drinks and foods, leisure time etc.

Encourage your partner to do small workouts to improve his health, and not taking it lightly. Encourage him to go for a post dinner walk. Let them know that it is not about giving up the things, rather it is a new way to learn and improve your lifestyle. If your partner is not exercising regularly, slowly and gradually prepare a challenging routine for him.

This is the best way of motivating your boyfriend to work out. University of Texas has revealed that an exercise of 15 minutes a day can add life to your body. Also it encourages a better sex life as it releases endorphins to feel good at bed. Also strong and healthy relationship bonds are created by working out together and this can motivate your spouse to hit the gym.

Positive power

motivate-your-spouse-to-hit-the-gymUse the power of positivity to make your partner indulge in a healthy lifestyle. Understand the needs of your partner and make him indulge in small activities and wins that your spouse will enjoy.

It has been righty said that more flies can be caught by honey rather than vinegar. Encouraging the efforts of your partner can work better than criticism. Praise the little changes they bring in themselves like if your partner has stopped drinking soda or eating chips, or is willing to go on a walk. Praising is a far better way than convincing someone with contempt or criticism.

Again the idea to motive your spouse to hit the gym is related to the idea of choosing such activities that can be done by both of you. Schedule some dates in advance and undergoes joint activities.

Make it a fun

motivate-your-spouse-to-hit-the-gymIt is not necessary that you and your partner are up for the same thing. But keep an open mind and let it go. Partnerships and marriage are all about compromises. May be your idea of a good time is to involve yourself in cycling or lifting heavy weights, but it is important to consider if your partner feels the same way. Some people find it boring to attend gym sessions or consider them as expensive. There are so many alternative exercises which can be done in a weight room or on a gym equipment, but whatever is chosen by your partner, make sure that it is a fun for both of you.

Recommend some sports team to your partner if you think he might enjoy or get yourself enrolled together in aerobics or dance classes. Most of the people find their activity of enjoyment, but it would be better to think out from these standard swimming, biking or running options. Here are a few possibilities you can go for:

  • Surfing
  • Racquetball
  • Zumba
  • Fencing
  • Martial arts
  • Paddle boarding
  • Yoga

Another option to involve fun into the fitness is the activity based video games. Such video games are known as exergames and played while standing and moving around. You are burning calories in whatever you are doing like dancing, tennis, bowling or skateboarding. These are a great way to involve your shy partner in exercises and built up a confidence to get away from TV screens.

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