Top 5 good & bad reasons to know before buying – Mahindra Renault Logan

mahindra renault logan 3660
Good reasons
1) Just like Maruti 800 is for hatch back the small car, Mahindra Renault Logan is a good entry level car for Sedan

2) For a sedan, 5 Lakhs Rupees is a decent costing

3) Bigger boot space than Honda City, Spacious car interior – 5 people, tubeless tires – safety one for the highways at top speeds.

4) Good mileage if you own a diesel version

5) European car – built on their safety standards

Bad reasons Why you shouldn’t
1) Bad usability. Know about the Central locking controls, Hatch lever and the safety latch

2) Do understand about the quality of pre sales and post free service

3)Know about the intentions of the Mahindra Renault Logan marketing team

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