Accidental skin-show by Rihanna

rihanna 18

Celebrity star Rihanna remained ignorant of the fact that she unintentionally showed off her bottom to the audience at a recent show. While she turned back from her audience, there was ample amount of obscene skin-show as a sudden spurt of air lifted her mini skirt.

Unexpectedly, people around got an easy glimpse of her backside. She was wearing a very skimpy outfit with short skirt and did not realize when her skirt was blown up by the wind. Fortunately, her black coloured inner wear saved her from further embarrassment. It is obvious that the singer’s skirt was very light indeed since it was lifted up by the air so easily. As she was unaware of this inadvertent incident, Rihanna did not have to face any disgrace or humiliation in front of public.

Source: StupidCelebrities

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