Top 5 Shocking Truths about Argyle Pink Diamonds


What’s more intriguing than having a rare piece of a diamond? The scarcity, as well as the stunning beauty of pink diamonds, is quite beyond human words. They are not only highly valuable but also mysterious. One could often wonder. How are they formed? Where are they found? And so many questions continue to surround pink diamonds. Below are some shocking truths about pink diamond:

Where does pink diamond originate?

Argyle-Pink-Diamonds-Did you know that nearly 90% of the world’s pink diamonds supply comes from Australia? They get produced by argyle mines in Western Australia. That’s where you can find Argyle pink diamonds.

There has been some debate about the mine running out. If you intend to invest in pink diamonds, now is the time. Less than 1% of the total mine produces a pink diamond. Now, that’s what makes it mysterious and quite rare. It, therefore, means that for every million carats of rough diamond mined; only a single carat of a pink diamond is suitable to go to the market.

However, historically, pink diamond has often been found in Russia, Canada, Brazil, South Africa as well as India.

It is highly valuable

Pink diamonds are among the few highly precious colored diamonds. It nearly costs more than 20 times the price of white diamonds. One pink diamond can almost cost a million dollars. Moreover, the amount of the pink diamond will depend on its color intensity, shape, cut, as well as clarity.

You need to know that the secondary hue plays a massive role in making a difference in price as well as value.

World’s most famous pink diamond

Argyle-Pink-Diamonds-Have you ever wondered, what’s the world’s most famous pink diamond? Today is your lucky day. The Daria-Noor, which is part of the Iranian crown jewels, is the 1st example of the largest cut diamond. Its estimated weight is 182 carats.

The second most famous piece is the Noor-ul-ain, commonly referred to as the light of the eye. Its oval in shape and weighs 60 carats. It was the centerpiece in a wedding tiara belonging to the Iranian empress Farah Pahlavi.

Pink diamonds don’t get created equally

Here is what makes pink diamonds quite a mystery and fascinating. They come in various shades. They can either be faint, light, fancy light, intense, deep, or vivid.

The more the color intensity, the pricier the piece of the diamond becomes. Natural pink diamonds which are pure pink in color tend to be expensive compared to fancy light pink.

The pink diamond is as a result of secondary hue, which is said to be purple-pink or orange-pink. As a result of this differentiation, it’s challenging to find a replica of any pink diamond.

Pink diamond’s color is quite a mystery

Argyle-Pink-Diamonds-People often know how natural fancy colored diamonds acquire their color. However, when it comes to diamond, it’s quite mysterious. There’s been various speculations but no exact process.

Others will say it comes from plastic deformation, thus forcing the stone to absorb light differently, but others may argue otherwise. As a result, the color continues to remain a mystery.

Pink diamonds continue to be rare and quite difficult to polish. Moreover, argyle pink diamondscontinue to fascinate diamond lovers and other folks alike.

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